Resources for learning French and meeting requirements for immigration to Canada

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In recent months, immigration to Canada has become more accessible and attractive thanks to changes in the selection process. Express EntryCanada’s merit-based immigration system has implemented specific lotteries targeting candidates who meet the country’s economic and demographic goals. Among the novelties of 2023, an important category stands out: those who are fluent in French.

Immigration Canada (IRCC) has taken the lead in conducting exclusive draws for this group of applicants. What’s notable is that these draws feature significantly lower CRS scores compared to other category draws and Express Entry overall selections.

This strategic approach has prompted many applicants, both inside and outside Canada, to choose learning French as a strategy to increase their chances of receiving the coveted invitation to apply for permanent residence in the North American country. To support these aspirants, we’ve put together a series of essential resources for your language learning journey.

Resources for those already in Canada

If you are in Canada, there are additional options for perfecting your French:

  • Government support: Regional and municipal governments provide free language learning support for temporary residents. This varies by region, so check the websites of local organizations.
  • Part-time courses and continuing studies: Many educational institutions offer affordable courses for those who work or study full-time, allowing for improvement at all stages.
  • MorelFocused on local audio and video content, this Canadian app promotes comprehension and immersion in the language.

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