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Students of the Technological University of Ciudad Juárez (UTCJ), who travel to study at the University of Regina in Canada, will not have to worry about expenses because they will receive financial support from the Chihuahua State Government and companies such as Fletes Sotelo.

Beneficiaries are Dayana Joslin Gonzalez Vargas, Bruno Emmanuel Luna Santoyo and Carla Gabriela Burunda Sánchez, who were supported with transportation, food and accommodation expenses.

UTCJ President, Carlos Ernesto Ortiz Villegas stated, “We never imagined that due to our lack of what was necessary to make this trip, the project would not materialize. Therefore, the Secretary saw fit to meet with Manuel Sotelo, owner of this carrier, to manage an exceptional resource and thus support you with expenses that you already have and that you will incur during your stay in Canada.”

The university president also reported that due to the efforts of Academic Secretary Edgar Omar Lara Enriquez, Fletes Sotelo has joined forces with state agencies to support students.

He added that in addition to these expenses, young people must spend an additional period of quarantine required by the Canadian institution, and that steps are already being taken to assist them with this increase.

For his part, the Academic Secretary of the Foundation, Edgar Omar Lara Enriquez, devoted a few words to the young people: “I will ask of you three favors: the first that they begin to enjoy themselves, the pleasure begins before, on the move and after; and the second that when they are already in Canada, they always They carry in their hearts the Technological University of Ciudad Juárez, and they feel proud and deserving representatives of the university.”

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“And the third, which I think is very important and you have to be very clear about it, is that you don’t miss the opportunity to network. In other words, meeting people, making friends, looking for opportunities and connections, and building bridges of communication, because life works through relationships.”

Finally, he expressed his satisfaction with the consolidation of this project which prevented some young people from giving up this opportunity due to lack of financial resources.

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