What Blue Beetle Critics Say: Will Jaime Reyes Save the Future of the DC Universe?

Most critics spoke positively of “Blue Beetle”. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

blue beetlethe new movie of DC Universe It opens this Thursday, August 17th in Latin America, and while fans await its release, the first reviews of the movie starring Xolo Mariduena It has already been published in various media. So it’s an important step under the new leadership of James Gunn, who seeks to completely restructure the superhero franchise we’ve already known.

In keeping with the complex situation of the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strike, it was the fans who put the film’s promotion on their shoulders. This is how the meme “Blue Beetle August 18th, only in theaters” became famous, referring to its US premiere. So is it worth it or is this another big problem? Here we leave you what critics say about the movie.

Xolo Maridueña stars as iconic superhero Jaime Reyes. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Owen Gleiberman diverse:”blue beetle It’s a vividly imagined original story, but it’s also a movie that, for long stretches, feels routine and obligatory. The novelty of the movie is that Jaime Reyes, the blue beetle, being a superhero is a family affair. While most superheroes hide their identity from their loved ones, V.I blue beetlethe first DC Comics movie starring a Latino superhero, is a team project.”

David Rooney Hollywood Reporter“The movie is a welcome addition to the DC universe, and for the most part it’s very entertaining, and passable at the end of summer, a huge leap above, say, Black Adam also flashDespite the lower budget and less power, a small victory for a company that was desperate for one.”

DC Universe presents the first ever Latino superhero. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Katie Walsh Los Angeles Times: “For Jaime Reyes – Blue Beetle – Being a superhero is a family affair. The first Latino superhero movie is a true reflection of Latino culture, including food, music, history, and a focus on family, above all. There’s a lot of maneuvering to be had,” he said. And sometimes Jaime gets a little lost in confusion blue beetleimmersed in the porcelain suit.”

Benjamin Lee guardianAs the first solo movie by a Latino superhero, Blue Beetle carries that terribly unfair baggage that comes loaded first thing, and its box office performance will likely be quoted by future executives, for better or worse. But no single movie can. save an entire cinematic universe and serve as proof that a particular brand of acting is commercially profitable, especially a low-profile film like blue beetle.

Despite the tensions, the Blue Beetle finds support in its followers. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Michael O’Sullivan Washington Post:”blue beetle, the next chapter in the DC Comics-inspired universe that tells the origin story of a little-known character, is new in many ways. It’s also, for a number of other reasons, tediously familiar. First the good news: in the role of the protagonist, Jaime Reyes, Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai) very attractive. When we meet him, Jaime has just graduated from college with big dreams, the first in his Mexican-American family to do so.”

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David Ehrlich Indiewire:”blue beetle It’s full of colorful trappings and is perfectly capable of delivering some decent fun as long as it focuses on its characters, but the movie is so resigned to the safer cliches of its kind that it doesn’t make much sense that even the freshest stuff can’t always retain its flavour..

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