Peru: The number of exporting companies grew by 2.3% in the first half of 2023

By Puerto Rico Liberation Portal


The number of Peruvian exporters reached 6,369 in the first half of the year, reflecting an increase of 2.3% over the same period last year (6,225), as reported by Research Center for Global Business and Economics affiliate Cien-Adex Exporters Association.

By size, 4,083 were micro-enterprises (64.1% of the total), 1,934 were small (30.4%), 88 were medium-sized (1.4%), and 264 were large (4.1%), in which micro and small enterprises (mypes) were concentrated. 94.5% for all export units.

In the FOB dollar amount, according to the Cien-Adex report, 93.3% of what was sent abroad was responsible for large companies, followed by small (4.9%), medium (1.2%), and small enterprises (0.6%).

Although micro and small enterprises accounted for 94.5% of the total number of exporters, they concentrated only 5.5% of the value of exports, which indicates high fragmentation and endangers their survival abroad.

It should be noted that between January and June there was a decrease in FOB shipments in USD of large companies (-2.2%) and medium-sized companies (-6.2%), while small and micro enterprises increased by 12.7% and 15%, respectively. .


The highest stock of companies corresponds to agricultural industries (1,787), followed by metallurgy mechanics (1,329), chemicals (1,115), miscellaneous (1,032), apparel (884), mining (591), textiles (433), and iron. steel (384), non-metallic mining (369), fishing and aquaculture (284), traditional farming (261), wood (154), primary fishing (49), and hydrocarbons (35).

Similarly, firms dispatched from one productive sector (4,954) predominated, with a concentration of 77.8%. In contrast, only 3.6% (230) achieved diversification of 4 or more items.

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In terms of exportable supply, 48.5% of the firms (3088) sent one product abroad, which indicates the exposure of most of them to potential external shocks. In contrast, 9.4% (596) have diversified their portfolios by 10 or more.

Nationwide, 57.7% (3673) were exported to just 1 and 4.9% (309) to 10 or more. In this context was the USA (1,820), followed by Chile (1,529) and Ecuador (1,037).

Finally, in terms of regional origin, Lima was the company that accumulated the most companies (4082), followed by Piura (474) and Callao (448). On the other hand, Amazonas, Apurímac and Huancavelica were the lowest in numbers with 22, 20 and 19 respectively.

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