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The UK skillfully targets Russia with “the most lethal tank in history”

The new Challenger 3, the UK's latest generation of armored vehicles, is now a reality. The United Kingdom announced the completion of construction of a battle tank “with advanced armour, devastating firepower and an impressive array of cutting-edge technology.”

They are considered creative people “The most lethal tank in history”some words that represent a A clear warning to Russia in the context of maximum tension Between NATO and the state headed by Vladimir Putin.

According to a statement issued by the British Ministry of Defence Challenger 3which was there 148 unitsHe is “The deadliest and most survivable tank ever operated by the British Armed Forces.”

“The first tank has already demonstrated its capabilities in tests. “They will all be tested under operational conditions to validate their performance and make improvements, before a further 140 aircraft are built and delivered to the British Army,” the ministry detailed in the memo.

For his part, Secretary of State for Defence, Grant Shapps, stressed that “in a more dangerous world, The need for vehicles like the Challenger 3 is inevitableAs the threats facing the United Kingdom evolve. This tank will be the core of the British Army's military capabilities “It will be an integral part of British deterrence.”

In this sense, Shapps stressed that “the hard work and dedication shown in Telford (where the tanks were manufactured) and across the country are fundamental.” Driving defense innovation in the UK And our forces are on the front line.”

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