What are the most common interview questions?

Data usually required in the face-to-face meeting for this procedure.

The approaching interview date for obtaining US citizenship inevitably generates a lot of stress and uncertainty.

But good preparation can be the best antidote to avoid nerves, to face that moment with more security and Not to make mistakes that lead to rejection of the application.

To do this, the website of the legal firm specializing in immigration Jackson White shares the topics that will be present and the questions that can be prepared in advance.

In the United States, a driver’s license is identification Photo Shutterstock.

These are the main items that you will need to answer.

personal information

– name

– age

The place of increase

– race

– hair colour

– Where you went to school

The highest level of education

family history

Parents’ residence

– If the parents are or were citizens of the United States

– civil status

– The date of the wedding

The husband’s nationality

Children’s data

Financial situation

– type of employment

Seniority in that position or position

What are the jobs in the last 5 years?

Personal and family income annually.

If you intend to apply for financial assistance from the US government

– If you owe federal or state taxes

A green card is a permanent residence permit in the United States. Foto Shutterstock.
A green card is a permanent residence permit in the United States. Foto Shutterstock.

How is the immigration exam?

The second part of the interview involves testing theoretical knowledge about English and civics.

Language test covers a A reading, writing, and speaking assessment of US history and civics texts.

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Then, in the civics test, the person will have to answer ten questions on this topic.

When the process is initiated, the interested party will have accessSouthwest For the content of the files with the required agenda which you can study in advance.

Waiting for the interview

The Jackson White Study website makes it clear The invitation to this appointment will be between six and ten months after sending the citizenship application.

For this meeting, it is recommended to obtain the following documents.

– Original and copy of green card or permanent residence card.

– Driving license or ID card issued by the state.

Valid and expired passports or travel documents.

Copies of tax returns for the last five years (or three years if the party involved is married to a US citizen).

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