Police brutality in the United States: a person killed a police officer wheelchair 9 shots chair | The man was accused of stealing a toolbox

A police officer in the United States, a man killed a 61-year-old wheelchair with 9 shots That a supermarket clerk accused him of stealing a toolbox. Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said he was “deeply disturbed” by the officer’s performance He has already been fired.

The event happened Monday night after A Walmart employee reported a person in a wheelchair to the police, later identified as Richard Lee Richards, Who stole a toolbox from the storeAccording to the Tucson police transcript, when the clerk asked Richards for proof of purchase, he pulled out a knife, said “here’s your receipt” and left.

then it was that Official Ryan Remington, who was not on duty when he was shot but was a janitor in the supermarket. Remington and always according to the information provided by the chief of police Richards was asked to stop.

the man, In a wheelchair with his back to the policeman, On his way to another store, and before that asked him to each of the company Remington and other funds involved in the process to stop again. “When Richards did not stop, the officer fired nine bullets Remington hit him in the back and his side.”Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, who provided a video of the shooting, reported.

Magnus said he was “deeply disturbed” by Remington’s performance. “Use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of the police department and directly contradicts with the various aspects of our training.”commented on Tuesday at a press conference.

He described the Mayor of Tucson Regina Romero’s actions as Remington “unimaginable and can not be defended.” “The attorney general has my full support as they continue their investigations,” he said in a statement. “It is moments like this that test our resolve to ensure justice and accountability.”he added.

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Meanwhile, Remington’s attorney, Michael Storey, told the New York Times The victim’s position “left him no choice” for his client. He also pointed to the rapid reaction of the police chief and the mayor stressed that it is compatible with the rush to make a judgment for political reasons. “This incident happened about 24 hours ago,” he said, “and we have a police chief who dismissed the officer and the mayor asking for his indictment. These are unbelievable circumstances that I’ve never seen before.”

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