US restores Trump’s border program: Migrants must wait for asylum hearings in Mexico

Government of United States President Joe Biden. It will restart a controversial border program In the era of Trump that Asylum seekers forced to wait for immigration hearings in MexicoA Mexican official told Reuters on Thursday following a federal court order.

The United States will take steps to address Mexico’s humanitarian concerns regarding the programThe official said, including Providing vaccinations to immigrants Exempting more categories of persons considered at risk.

Biden, a Democrat, ended the policy known as Migrant Protection Protocols Shortly after his inauguration in January.

but A federal judge ruled that Biden’s revocation did not follow due process and ordered his reinstatement in August. The US government said it had to wait for the Mexico agreement before policy could get back on track.

At the same time, The Biden administration continues to actively attempt to terminate the programby issuing a new revocation warrant in hopes of resolving the court’s legal doubts.

The move was a cornerstone of former President Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration policies and sent tens of thousands of people who entered the US-Mexico land border back to Mexico to wait months – sometimes years – for their cases to be presented at US immigration hearings, in temporary courtrooms. near the border.

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