Ukraine’s harsh criticism of an Argentine diplomat who met at the United Nations with Russia, Cuba and Venezuela: “Mom! What a painting!”

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Sergey Kiselciaslammed with unusual harshness, via Twitter, Argentinian Federico Villegas Beltran The head of the United Nations Human Rights Council, about a surprise meeting the diplomat held with the ambassadors of Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and four other countries, which he celebrated as a victory for “multilateral diplomacy.”

“How the HRC president was ‘saving pluralism’ or, as someone commented, ‘Oh my gosh! What a meeting!’” Kyslytsya tweeted. and finished: “It’s impossible to imagine a more embarrassing tweet that could take away someone’s respect and impartiality more effectively.”

Kyslytsya’s tweet was in response to an earlier tweet, on Tuesday, by Villegas, who posted a photo with Russia’s ambassadors to the United Nations, Gennady Gatilovand from Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Belarus, China and South Africa, they are all smiling.

That photo was accompanied by a message from Villegas that read: “Now more than ever we need increased mutual understanding and cooperation, regardless of our differences.” He thanked the ambassadors he met for the great discussion on “how to maintain multilateral diplomacy”.

The picture comes hours after Russia It was offincluding Argentina’s vote, the UN Human Rights Council on human rights abuses during the invasion of Ukraine.

Federico Villegas BeltranTwitter

They defended the State Department from Villegas’ position and emphasized that it was their duty to speak with all members of the United Nations. He’s Argentine but he’s the head of the council, it’s a routine meeting. “In order for the inspections to reach the sites controlled by the Russians, the council must have links with them,” they said. Nation Near Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

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With an extensive diplomatic career, Villegas took over the presidency of the Human Rights Council in January, having been the Argentine representative in the organization. Unlike Argentina’s representative in the Organization of American States, Carlos Raimondi, Villegas In conjunction with the “diagnosis” of the report of former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on the human rights situation in Venezuela.although he called a “constructive dialogue” With Nicolas Maduro. He also criticized the violation of human rights in Nicaraguaahead of the election won by Daniel Ortega in November with most of his rivals imprisoned or exiled.

Vice President in Buenos Aires Christina Kirchner Yesterday he avoided criticizing the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Opening of the Eurolat . Association. Focusing on criticism of NATO “which has a base in the Malvinas”, he stated that “all Security Council countries, except China, have ‘violated international law’ at some point. Her words merited criticism from MEPs who accused her of ‘bias’ on the event.”

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