Plot, filming locations and heroes of the ALBA series | The Three Lives of ‘Alba’, the Series Now Conquering Netflix

Elena Rivera, the heroine of the movie “Alba”.

The fantasy film starring Elena Rivera attracts audiences with its shows on free TV and on platforms

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The series “Alba” had a previous life. Another name, another distribution, another nationality. Because this novel – now featured in the Netflix catalog – is based on a Turkish series called Fatmagül, which in turn has adapted a book. From here came the Spanish champion Elena Rivera, who for two years triumphed in different ways and on different platforms.

Because “Alba” perfectly represents the paths Spanish literature is currently on, the deadlines it follows, the consumption it faces, and the successes it aspires to. Instant explosions, indisputable victories and thunderous premieres ended. Times have changed, although the viewer’s taste for Spanish titles has not declined. On the contrary, national productions monopolize the top positions on the platforms, monopolizing their shoulders with other foreign companies and certainly with a larger budget. Now these stories have another way, they are gradually gathering followers in the different types of broadcasts they are subject to.

Hence the life of the three “Alba”. The 13-part series, which focuses on a young woman who is sexually assaulted by several men, premiered at the end of 2021 on ATRESplayer, Atresmedia’s push platform, which is always the first window into the group’s production. It was a firm commitment by the station, bent on creating an unquestionable brand of imagination. It achieved its goal, although no real performance data for each title has emerged.

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The well-known things are the ones he got months later during his time on Open TV. The second life came. It can be assumed that the fact that it was previously presented on another platform would reduce interest in it. But that was not the case. It has been the most watched series on Antena 3 in the past three years, with over 1.5 million viewers per week, and the most supported by the season’s audience, along with “Entrevías” (from Telecinco).

This denies that the traditional television audience is no longer interested in the series on traditional channels, or that the fact that it was previously released in other media and made all seasons available may mean that it does not attract attention in other countries. “Alba” has spent 13 weeks on the air, with good characters, and tops practically every night.

Not satisfied with this, “Alba” found a third life. It’s now showing on Netflix and was #1 on the most watched list all week (according to the platform itself). He is not only winning in Spain. In the US or the UK, it has fallen into the top ten most consumed as well. New users have come across this story and joined the followers. Today’s audience is more detailed, just search and add them. It’s possible. This series proves it. Others managed to jump out of windows, too. Fairytales at this time require patience and good programming strategies. The spectators end up responding.

We must not forget about the qualities of “Alba” that are able to attract a wide audience. The first thing that stands out is the current topic it deals with, because unfortunately we often hear about women being attacked by individuals or groups (in the form of packs). The series not only condemns these attitudes, but also the way many of them are subsequently dealt with when they demand justice. The social inequalities they reflect are also relevant to this fantasy, with young people from wealthy families in the city engaging in aggression.

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Boomerang TV is the producer of this fantasy film, which co-stars with Alvaro Rico, Eric Masip or Paul Hermoso, among others. Filmed in cities such as Villajoyosa, Finestrat and the Serra Gelada Nature Park in Benidorm.

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