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They pointed out at an event organized by CEPLAN and CONSETEC that science, technology and innovation (CTI) must be taken into account in the planning tools of the three levels of government, to contribute to the country’s productivity and competitiveness.

This was stated at the virtual conference “Science, Technology and Innovation for National Development by 2050”, an event co-organized by the National Center for Strategic Planning (Ceplan) and the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec).

The conference aims to sensitize the operators of Peru’s National Strategic Planning System (Sinaplan) about the importance of CTI to regional and national development.

The event was opened by Ceplan President, Giovanni Pierano, who highlighted the work carried out with Concytec to advance innovation and development in decision-making that leads to closing the gaps and improving our reality.

In this sense, Pierano highlighted the importance of dissemination from both strategic entities, technological advances, digital platforms, and data integration, among others, at the national level.

The first presentation was made by Siplan’s National Director for Future and Strategic Studies, Jordi Filches, who explained the importance of the CTI as a transcendental element of future analysis in formulating coordinated regional development plans, and also noted the importance of the CTI to the country’s development.

He stressed that “without knowledge, there is no future.”

In this line, Vílchez invited to visit the Ceplan National Prospective Observatory (, where you can access information about projections, trends, scenarios, risks and opportunities associated with CTI.

Subsequently, Concytec’s Director of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Programs, Pedro Bernal, mentioned three essential elements of promoting science, technology and innovation applied to regional development, such as knowledge generation and dissemination, knowledge application and exploitation, and regional policies applied in the regions. .

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Similarly, Bernal has argued that it is not only necessary to promote a culture of science, technology and innovation in schools, pedagogical schools, universities and public research institutes, but also to generate consensus among actors who play an important role in promoting it within the territory.

For her part, the Secretary of Government and Digital Transformation at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Marushka Shukobar, considered that the global crisis highlighted the need for a more focused digital strategy and policy in the service of citizens.

In this regard, Shukubar stressed the importance of digital transformation in strategic planning, land management, bridging gaps and integrating citizens, focusing on the national digital transformation policy as a tool for the development of our country.

“Benefiting from the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will not allow more inequality to be recorded,” the official said.

Finally, the President of Concytec, Benjamín Marticorena, emphasized the importance of a National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, which is updated within the framework of the National Strategic Development Plan (PEDN), a guiding tool in strategic planning, which will allow action at the national, sectoral and transversal level for all regions and localities.

In addition, Marticorena noted that the entity he heads will focus its efforts on promoting capacity development at the highest level, with the aim of using technologies and training new generations of researchers and innovators in Peru, who will help close the field. gap in the country.

The event transmission and presentations for the speakers can be viewed at the following link:

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Publication date: 24/7/2022

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