Oscar Gonzalez Oro annoyed everyone with a heartbreaking message on the Internet

Oscar the “Negro” Gonzalez Oro It generated an alarm with a heartbreaking message shared by the network. The Rivadavia radio host, who in December was in an emotional state of shock on the air on his show, has now indicated he has been in nearly a year of isolation under the coronavirus pandemic.

Good morning today I don’t have anything important to post. Maybe the only thing is to tell them how I am and how I feel. As for the program, I am happy that it is what I wanted to do. But the show is only two hours long. I have 22 left to live. There are days when I enjoy a lot and there are days when I have very bad times. I feel lonely, overwhelmed me. It scares me. But I have a lot of thinking about my health. At least in my physical health, in my mental health I work every day with different results., The driver said in his Instagram stories.

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