The United Kingdom bans filters for influencers on Instagram

The ban comes after one user denounced influencers’ misuse of filters when it comes to paid ads by beauty brands, and brands who employ them to display their products on Instagram.

Not that, influencers will not be able to use Instagram filters in their stories or when they want to reply to something for their followers. It is forbidden to use when used with beauty products, which makes their followers believe their skin is smooth and radiant because they are using this or that mark on their skin.

The regulation took a year to be approved by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Britain’s self-censoring body for advertising, after Sasha Ballari, the model and makeup artist, informed the regulatory entity of this fact, according to Smoda reports.

The #filterdrop campaign started on Instagram to reveal the deceit they, especially teenagers, fell into believing that their pure skin was the result of the cosmetics and beauty products they used.

“Nothing happens if you don’t dare to go out on social media without makeup, nothing will happen if you can’t show up without your favorite lighting and nothing happens if you can’t stand without a filter. What’s wrong is tricking your audience into spending money on cosmetics.” Beauticians that don’t give results that might make them think. Stop filtering your skin for sale, “he reads as part of the post Pallari published when he learned of the positive regulation of ASA for his request.

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