Official! Transformers will have (at least) three different card types

It looks like the latest leaks will be correct. Nope that indicated For icons to appear during the Shapeshifters eventwhich way Talk about a different kind of Shapeshifter than usual. Because in one of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team loading screens, We can see three different special versions of this celebration.

FIFA 23 – Three different skin changer cards

I assume the one on the right will be the “normal” one, since it’s by design Toni Kroos and Thiago Silva. The card on the left is almost the same, but with the difference that we find a kind of crown on top. And as I commented in the post about the leak, I think it’s for these details that they could be “Premium Metamorphs”. Because last year’s Premium FUTTIES also had this motto.

while The center layout should belong to the iconsFor his style and the ball at his top. And given that FUT Champions appeared last season, it wouldn’t be surprising if the same would happen in FIFA 23 later on. Which means maybe they can include legends in the first couple of weeks and champions later (but that’s just an assumption of mine, let alone they confirm anything).

So, we already know that Shapeshifters will include at least three different special editions. Icons and plain look as clear The design on the left raises more doubts. But since we already saw that crown during last summer’s FUTTIES, maybe it has some kind of advantage in the alchemy system.

Salah FUTTIES Premium FIFA 22 Ultimate Team statistics
FIFA 22 Premium FUTTIES took this crown and the chemistry system between them was even better. Maybe in FIFA 23 we can see something similar with Shapeshifters.

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