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Smart TV: What happens if you connect a mouse or keyboard to a USB port on your smart TV? | Present

Some smart TVs, especially older ones, may not be compatible. Photo: Composition LR/La Voz de Tarija | Some smart TVs, especially older ones, may not be compatible. Photo: LR Composition/La Voz de Tarija

All smart TVs made by Samsung, Sony, LG, and Xiaomi, among other brands, have several ports on the back that are used to connect other devices. Although most people use the HDMI port to connect video game consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players, or streaming devices, other ports are important as well, including USB. what is your job?

What USB port is on your smart TV?

Generally, people use the USB port on their smart TV to connect removable storage drives, i.e. the popular USB flash drives, also known as pen drives or external hard drives. This way, they can access multimedia content (photos, videos, music) that they have stored on those devices. Although it is its main function, it is not the only function available.

According to the technology portal Computer Hui, USB ports can be used to charge electronic devices. Imagine that you have traveled to a foreign country and the plug in the room is not compatible with your charger. To solve this problem, you can connect your cell phone to the TV via a USB cable. Although the download will take a little longer, it is a way out of trouble.

Every smart TV has a USB port that can help you charge your cell phone. Photo: Freebeck

Depending on the brand, some smart TV models also allow you to record what you're streaming. The problem is that TVs have little storage memory. Fortunately, by connecting an external hard drive (or large flash drive) to a USB port, you can get enough space to save your favorite show, movie or series.

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It is worth noting that the USB port in smart TVs is not only limited to connecting USB flash drives or external hard drives, it is also possible to connect other devices, including game consoles, headphones, microphones, and even peripherals that are commonly used. In computers such as a mouse or keyboard. What are these last for? Here we will tell you.

What happens if you connect a keyboard or mouse to your smart TV's USB port?

One fairly common problem that Smart TV users face is that typing the name of a movie or series takes a long time, because they have to use the remote control. Fortunately, some TVs allow keyboards to be connected via USB or Bluetooth. This way, the task of searching for content or writing passwords for your streaming platforms becomes easier.

The same thing will happen if you plug your computer mouse into the USB port of your smart TV. You'll be able to navigate across the screen, as if it were a PC or laptop, and you'll even see the classic cursor. This can be very useful for those users whose smart TV is slow; However, it should be noted that it is an option that may not be compatible with all devices.

What other ports does a smart TV have?

In addition to the USB ports, each smart TV has different connections on the back. These are the HDMI inputs, which are used to connect console or cable service modems, the Ethernet network connection, and the optical output from the TV.

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Smart TV has other inputs such as HDMI. Photo: Zataka

What connections does a smart TV have?

A smart TV has a wide range of connections that allow it to interact with different devices and access a wide range of content. The most common connections include:

Physical connections:

  • HDMI: This is the most common connection for connecting high-resolution devices such as video game consoles, Blu-ray players, and laptops.
  • USB: Allows you to connect USB devices, external hard drives and other devices to play multimedia content or transfer files.
  • Ethernet: This wired connection provides a faster and more stable Internet connection than Wi-Fi.
  • Digital audio output: It makes it possible to connect a surround sound system or speaker for a better audio experience.
  • Antenna input: Allows you to connect an antenna to receive TV channels over the air.
  • Composite video input: This analog connection is used to connect older devices such as VHS players.

Wireless networks:

  • Wifi: It allows you to connect your Smart TV to the Internet wirelessly to access streaming services, browse the web, and download apps.
  • Bluetooth: You can connect devices such as headphones, speakers, and smartphones to play music or make calls.

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