Armed robbery in a clothing store in Pellegrini and United Provence: they took money and clothes

Three criminals carried out a quick robbery on Monday afternoon in a clothing store located in Pellegrini at 6600 hours. 150,000 pesos from the fund and ready-made clothes, with an estimated value of half a million pesos.

The shop stolen is Daniel’s shop, The 65-year-old who in January 2023 wanted to defend his neighbor who had been robbed One of the criminals shot him in the back, leaving him paralyzed and he is still in the hospital.

At the helm of the clothing store was Diego, the son of Daniel, and the hero of this new act of insecurity. “When I see them come, the image of my parents comes to me. That’s why I calm them down and tell them to do their job, take the money and be quiet,” he said in From 12 to 14 (three).

“We were about to close when a person in YPF clothes entered with his face uncovered. He threw us on the ground and two others entered and started looting with giant garbage bags. We calculated that they took about 500,000 pesos worth of clothes because there was a group of jackets and clothes,” the victim said. tracksuit.

The criminals, after committing the robbery, fled in the direction of Peru and the United Provinces, where They got into a car. all the truth filmed By the chambers of commerce itself, where The suspects forgot a backpack.

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“The image of my father will never be erased,” Diego recalled. “He defended his neighbor from robbery, followed the thieves, got his things back, and when he turned around they shot him in the back and left him paralyzed.”

Regarding the future of work, the young man affirmed: “We will make an effort and continue. Unfortunately, this happens to all of us, except for a sector that it never reaches, which is the politicians.”

Employees of the Criminal Investigation Agency went to the scene to dispose of the photographs and take the testimonies on the orders of Prosecutor Maria de los Angeles Granato.

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