No one should panic when asking for consultations from the US and Canada!: Ebrard

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that requests for consultations to Mexico by the United States and Canada on T-MEC violations in energy matters are joint actions of the partners, so it should not scandalize anyone. Marcelo Ebrard.

He stressed that Mexico’s trading partners’ request does not mean the relationship will collapse, “that we will have a crisis, no, that’s not true. It’s not true.”

On a tour of Chiapas where he presented the results of the “Foreign Affairs for All” programme, the official commented that something similar happens in the European Union when there is a difference, paintings can be made.

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Mexico has also promoted several or many important committees before the World Trade Organization. So, they are common procedures.”

He explained that the previous consultation process would give time to fully understand what the United States and Canada were proposing, and with Mexico’s arguments for persuasion, “persuade, dialogue, inform. That is the task ahead of us, diplomacy.”

In essence, he pointed out that what the government of Mexico would propose was to comply with the law on its terms and could not violate any trade agreement because the person violating the law is not the government of Mexico, but the companies that are simulating self-sufficiency in electric power to actually sell it.

Ebrard stated that the consultation process is an incentive to have agreements before the board is installed, “and in this, as in the other paintings, I think Mexico is in a position that could be advantageous, because if there were no paintings, everything would be unilateral and the United States stronger than Mexico in terms of its economy and relative strength.

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With regard to preventing the electoral authorities from carrying out early electoral activities, the advisor indicated that what he did was to participate as any citizen in the event of his party.

«The campaign times set by the Mexican electoral legislation are 2024, for example, going to a Morena event in a stadium, I don’t see why it is an expected electoral act, from what? -a work day.

“You participate like any citizen in your party’s event. Anyway, I don’t see where there would be a violation of the law (…) I don’t think we assume that any law is broken by going to events of this kind. “That’s what I see,” Ebrard said.


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