Her hands itch from using cleaning products, went to the doctor and the diagnosis was devastating

Itchy hands started in March 2020, during the beginning of Preventive and compulsory social isolation by covid-19 pandemic. With the chaos that meant at the time the health system, Mary Barry58, couldn’t get an appointment at any medical center.

Barry worked as the principal of a nursery school in London, England, United Kingdom. When the problem started Thought it was a reaction to cleaning products which she was using, but for the sake of calm, she consulted specialists.

Because of the epidemiological situation, the doctors instructed her to send pictures of her dry hands and prescribed several creams that did not solve the problem. Additionally, Maria History of gallstones His bitterness was removed.

Maria is the mother of three young men: Niko, 32 years old; Luca, 30 years old; and Nadia, 27.Facebook: Nadia Barry

A year and a half later, in December 2021, he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. The condition is very rare, occurring only in about a thousand people a year in the UK, according to Inform the national health system (NHS).

“On December 24, Christmas Eve, we received the worst news ever. Since that day, Our world turned upside down and became a living nightmare.”they reported their children through a web portal, Go Fund Me, Where they are trying to raise money to save his mother. Maria is the mother of three young men: Niko, 32 years old; Luca, 30 years old; And Nadia, 27 years old. They added, “After investigation, the doctors discovered that itchy hands are linked to cancer and liver problems.”

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But at first the results were inconclusive and the specialists decided not to start treatment until they were sure of the type of cancer because it is rare in the country. The final diagnosis came in April of this year. “While waiting, the mass had spread 5 cm. In April they found out that it had spread to the liver, so its mass is now 9 cm, known as intrahepatic biliary colon cancer, which It can end its life between 3 and 6 months. Chemotherapy began in May.

But Barry’s kids said chemotherapy was causing their mom Terrible side effects. And they’re trying to raise money to come up with an effective and less harmful treatment.

“We learned of an experiment, conducted at University College London (UCLH) Hospitals, to investigate Effects of gene therapy V. In patients with this type of cancer. They did a biopsy and confirmed that they had identified the affected gene, so it is very likely that he will receive the gene therapy. This, they explained, is much gentler on the body, but as aggressive against cancer as chemotherapy is.

Maria Barry's children have started a collection to cover the treatment, which is about $200,000.
Maria Barry’s children have started a collection to cover the treatment, which is about $200,000.GoFundME

But the monthly cost of UCLH treatment is hovering around £14,000 per month [más de US$16.500]. “This treatment is not available through the NHS. We should try to raise money that covers at least 6 months of treatmentalthough the ideal would be one year, which would be £170,000 [más de US$200.000]. And any small amount is greatly appreciated.” They have so far raised more than $28,000.

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In addition, they praised their mother with the title “The Heroine of the Neighborhood”. “She is loved by everyone in the community. We can’t imagine our lives without her, but time is against us. She can be the one to show the world that this cancer can be beaten. We also want to encourage the NHS to make this treatment available.”

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