New medical report for Silvina Luna: “She is awake and has stable vital signs”

Silvina Luna is fighting for her life (Instagram)

After the news was released unofficially Silvina Luna She had to be intubated again in the Italian hospital’s intensive care unit, where she was hospitalized for more than two weeks, the doctor said Fernando Borlando Share on social networks the second medical part authorized by the model’s family and signed on July 3, 2023 by the hospital’s medical directorate.

On Saturday, July 1, The patient required mechanical ventilation due to her generalized muscle weakness. No new complications were found in recent studies.”

He continues: “Currently, She is still mechanically ventilated, awake, and vital signs stable.. You will remain in the hospital in the intensive care service, where additional studies will be carried out and the necessary treatments will be given.

The new medical report of Silvina Luna

Along with publishing the report, the attorney sponsoring the model filed a malpractice suit against him Hannibal Lutoki carried out jointly with Pamela Sosa, Esteffi Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trinchi, He added: “To the latest medical report released, Silvina Luna’s relatives and intimate love, we simply want to add that she fights with all her might that our love sustains, the love of all of you (with her enduring messages of healing) and the flawless work of the body doctor and the health workers of the Italian hospital, for those who They do not reach our words of gratitude.

It should be remembered that so far, only one official report is known, released on Friday night, after Luna began showing signs of development as reported to the media. “The patient was admitted to the intensive care service of this hospital on 13 June 2023 with a picture of multiple etiological encephalopathy with the need for ventilatory support. He is currently breathing on his own with stable vital signs. His diagnosis is immuneThe statement said.

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Meanwhile, on Saturday, Gustavo Conte, Silvina’s personal friend, published a video that worried the followers of the 43-year-old model. I want to send you this letter to Ask them to strengthen their prayers for SilvinaLet’s pray for her. They intubated her again, and today she had a low, so let’s order herGod help her,” said the husband Jimena Capristo.

Silvina Luna has kidney problems and needs a kidney transplant

He added: “The truth He fights a lotAnd we don’t have good news. Yesterday was good, the day before yesterday was better, but today the news is not good. Let’s pray for her, let’s strengthen her with prayer, let’s pour good vibes, good energy on her so that she can move on.”

From that moment on, her friends and relatives echoed this request and joined the chains of prayer for the model. On the part of his friend Angel de Brito He also spoke about his delicate state of health. Retreat to Silvina Luna’s health. They hugged her back. You can’t breathe because your lungs are weak and Pain all over the body is impossible”, the journalist wrote from his official account on Twitter.

Meanwhile, those close to the model shared a request from the site on their social networks changes A meeting of signatures is held to make a presentation at a later date and demand the disqualification of Aníbal Lotocki from practicing the profession. The doctor, who performed the intervention on her buttocks and which caused her health problems, was convicted of the injuries he caused to Silvina and other women, but he appealed the decision and has the possibility to continue practicing surgery until the end of the sentence. . find a company.

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