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For George Lucas, this is the best sci-fi movie ever made


In a recent interview, the Star Wars creator stated that it will be difficult to surpass Kubrick’s legacy in the genre.

The legendary creator of Star Wars, George Lucas stated that it would be difficult to surpass Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey.” In a recent interview, Lucas expressed his admiration for this film, stating that, in his opinion, no other production has been able to match its greatness in the science fiction genre.

Although Lucas is known as an influential figure in the world of science fiction, he himself acknowledges his superiority “2001: Space Odyssey” About his own saga. According to Lucas, Kubrick succeeded in creating the definitive film of the genre, highlighting its artistic and narrative influence.

As he put it: “Stanley Kubrick made the ultimate sci-fi film, and it would be very difficult for anyone to come along and make a better film, as far as I’m concerned. On an artistic level, Star Wars is comparable, but personally I think 2001 was much better.”

Lucas also praised the cultural influence of “2001: Space Odyssey”, highlights how this film changed the concept of the science fiction genre. According to him, this was the first time the audience took this type of narrative seriously, moving away from the clich├ęs of giant monsters to explore deeper ideas about the origin of humanity.

Briefly, George Lucas considers the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” to be the pinnacle in terms of special effects It will always be recognized as the best film in this regard. Its influence continues to this day, inspiring generations of filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.

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