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Miley travels to the US on Saturday and confirms she will meet Elon Musk again

Javier Miley Friday night he added another item to the agenda he had planned The trip, which will take Saturday towards the United StatesHe will participate in a forum that brings together senior officials and CEOs of the world’s 500 most important companies and investment funds, and the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, will also attend. This has been officially confirmed He will meet Elon Musk again.

This was stated by Manuel Adorni in the last hours. “Meeting confirmed: next Monday 6 May The President of the Nation, Javier Miley, and Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Miley, will meet with Elon Musk. A meeting is scheduled to be held in 3:30 pm.. End,” the presidential spokesperson wrote on the social media network of the South African businessman specifically.

The first contact between the two occurred on April 12 in Austin, Texas. There, the Argentine president and the world’s second-richest man toured Tesla’s massive 1,000-hectare industrial plant called GigaTexas.

Now they will meet again. but Before, the president will travel for the first time on board ARG 01the national government plane purchased by Alberto Fernandez, bound for Los Angeles.


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On his fourth visit to the United States since taking office in December, the head of state will be accompanied by his small trusted group consisting of his sister Karina Miley, Chief of Staff Nicolas Bosz, and Economy Minister Luis Caputo. And Ambassador to the United States Gerardo Verthen.

Miley is at the top of the speaker lineup and will open Monday’s lunch at the so-called Milken Institute with his speech, as a guest of the event’s executive director, Konrad Kieschel. Caputo will also give a lecture.

The former president will participate in the conference Bill Clinton; President of the Islamic Development Bank, Ilan Goldwagen; Joe Biden’s regional advisor, Christopher Dodd; New York Federal Reserve Chairman, John Williams; Tesla CEO Elon Musk; Darren Woods of ExxonMobil; Chevron Michael Wirth, CEO Franklin Templeton; BlackRock’s Chief Information Technology Officer, James Keenan, Wells Fargo’s CEO, Charlie Scharf, and JPMorgan executives, in addition to members of the US Congress and officials from Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

“Love at first sight”: The feelings of the first meeting between Miley and Musk

A few minutes after this quote, the South African said: “We are moving towards an exciting and inspiring future!”

It’s very difficult to describe the chemistry that was present in the meeting“It was as if two soul friends had come together, agreed on all the points they touched on, but each of them added his own point of view that made them different people, each one in his own category,” Ambassador Gerardo Verthen described to Clarín. At that time appointed in the United States, who was present at the meeting.

It was Musk and Miley Many signs of mutual sympathy in recent months. In January this year, for example, the businessman praised the president’s speech at the Davos Economic Forum, in which he defended capitalism and warned that “the West is in danger.”


President Javier Miley met on Friday with Elon Musk.

In addition to being Very interested in lithium In our country, a vital mineral for electric car batteries, the entrepreneur is also trying to play hard in the field of satellite communications.

In February, Starlink was licensed by Milei to provide its internet services. As a good gesture, the company donated 33 pieces of equipment to support the service in rural schools.

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