Technological innovation in health, medicine and healthcare. The course of the future we want

Next Wednesday, June 21, 2023, we will participate Anna Polanco And Ana Elisa Diazauthors Biotechnology. Solutions for the future health and well-being of the planet Based on Jimmy Del Barrio And Julio Jesus Sanchezauthors Digital health and new forms of medical careat a meeting moderated by Santiago de TorresGroup manager Health technology.

New technologies are changing the field of medicine. Uncovering the destination of the future, whether in terms of health and healthcare, thanks to the emergence of new technologies, digital health, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain or telemedicine, is one of the goals of Health educationthe first collection in Spanish specialized in technological innovation in health, medicine and medical care: a way to delve into the current trends in this field together with Liberation Lid.

During the meeting, we will address how new technologies are changing the healthcare sector, and how Innovations enable more accurate diagnoses or more effective treatments and how biotechnology is helping to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, creating a more sustainable future.

session “The future we want” Fundación Telefónica is an initiative dedicated to reflecting on our past and present in order to design the future. Over the next few months, we will be giving a voice to different thinkers, researchers, intellectuals, and scientists from many fields and disciplines so that they can help us find the clues that will allow us to answer the following question: What can we do today to build the future we want?

To attend the meeting you can book your ticket in this post. Access is permitted up to full capacity.

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This event will be translated into LSE, and can be followed in flow Publicly on this site and in networks with hashtags # The future we want.

Later, the meeting can be enjoyed at our sitemedia library as well Podcaston the main platforms.

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