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Sports are one of the great speakers and show it all over the world, attracting a large number of eyes. Because of this, many brands choose him to show off, however, there are other champions who also strive to capture the hundreds of broadcasts and cameras out there. And they are the activists who use these kinds of events to protest.

Wimbledon It starts to become one of those great spots on Monday. The third Grand Slam tournament of the season begins and the expectations are only growing. There, the best players in the world meet to play matches for two weeks in All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. An inevitable event for tennis and for British society, which has been attending it in a centuries-old tradition.

The point is, Wimbledon can be a great opportunity for activists and especially for the podium. Just stop the oil. This group fights against climate change and He uses civil resistance to try to force the UK government to block new licenses for fossil fuel extraction.

Just stop the oil activists during their protests in the ashes.


As a result of this civil resistance, I have become champions in recent sporting events held in the United Kingdom over the past year. They went to several of them to make themselves known and make their fight public, which caused Wimbledon to have to go through a series of measures and make entry to their venue more restricted. They have appeared in the World Snooker Championship, Grand National (the most important equestrian race) or Ashone of the most popular and contested cricket tournaments Australia And England.

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To avoid concerns, Wimbledon has greatly beefed up security before the tournament, with baggage checks more stringent than in recent years when entering the venues. Tournament entry requirements now prohibit spray paint, PPE, and glue.

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Wimbledon alert

Due to continued requests from Just Spot Oil, Wimbledon decided to take action on the matter. In a place of its own characteristics, staging an activist group can be a serious setback because of its implementation. Thanks to their exotic orange powders, Grand Slam turf courts can be ahead of their targets.

They are accustomed to a very calm climate, from Wimbledon, they do not want to be surprised, and for this they have strengthened their conditional forces, as happened in the match of world number two Novak Djokovic in its first show. A way to stop them from sneaking into your enclosure and getting your message out to the world.

However, tennis players are already beginning to fear the possible arrival of activists. One of the first to speak out was former World Number One and he showed his fear of this happening, as he supports the cause, not the methods. He was one of the first to reveal the thoughts of many others.

Wimbledon Central Court.

Wimbledon Central Court.


“I think there’s a good chance something will happen,” Murray explained. “The other day I was talking about it with my family. I don’t know what your reaction would be if someone ran out onto the pitch and approached you, because you don’t know who they are, what they’re doing, or why to live such a tense situation,” he added of his fear and ignorance.

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“I haven’t seen what Jonny Bairstow did – referring to the cricketer’s performance – but that could be dangerous. If they have to hold on to the net or throw something in the field, they will have to be careful when approaching the players, obviously with bats in their hands.” , the British explained what could happen. A few words highlight the potential dangers that can arise from invading activists.

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In fact, this actually happened during the 2022 edition of Roland Garros. And during the second semi-final, which he played Casper Road And Marin Cilic, a young woman manages to evade security and is fast enough to hook herself into the net. This caused a huge delay, so they didn’t want the scene to be repeated at Wimbledon.

Champions in sports

The beginning of 2023 was marked by Just Stop Oil. The climate protest group has appeared on various occasions and left its mark. His performances attracted a lot of attention, as they were staged with orange powder or combined with game elements.

One of the first cases in the sport that this platform was implemented occurred during the dispute of A.J evertonNewcastle affiliate Premier League. One member jumped onto the pitch and tied his neck to the pole of one of the Goodison Park goals. This caused the game to pause for a few moments so that you could remove it from the field without causing damage.

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The other, more striking episodes had come two months earlier. During the dispute over the World Snooker Championship in which it was played Sheffield Many of them evaded security by swooping down on tables and throwing orange powder. A situation that led to the arrest of the two persons.

They have also appeared on Grand Nationalheto the race The most important horse show in the world, which attracts millions of spectators all over the planet. This was postponed after dozens of activists, including Just Oil, attempted to storm Aintree Racecourse to sabotage the competition.

The last one happened just a few days ago. the group I managed to delay the first match day for a while between England And Australia On the opening day of The Ashes, a popular cricket competition. Activists entered the field and scattered orange powder on the pitch, so that once the stains had been removed from the turf, the game could resume.

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