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Netflix He acknowledged that he would soon have to remove his content from his catalog at United kingdom To avoid violating the new regulations imposed by the English government.

New rules imposed by UK ministers mean that streaming platforms are being monitored by media body Ofcom, a government body that monitors communications industries such as radio and television. Under the new rules, Netflix is ​​expected to maintain a neutral stance when showing content related to current events (such as documentaries about public policy or controversial figures in English society).

If they fail to comply with these rules they could be fined around £250,000.

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Netflix has sent a statement to the British Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee criticizing the new “fairness” laws. Although they will accept the new law in principle, they will still need more clarity. The Tribune came to find the project confusing and counterproductive; Seeing the platform is constantly following every series or movie in its possession that violates the rules. This will remove a massive amount of content, be it a recent version or an outdated title.

However, to avoid Ofcom oversight, the law is blurred; The platform decided it would be safer to remove much of its UK content, to avoid penalties.

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