It lasts 9 seasons and is one of the most watched series on Netflix: What is it and what is it about

The streaming platform continues to release hit productions, as is the case with this only 9-season series.

Netflix The success continues through 2022, as the products that are quickly becoming the most viewed on the streaming platform are launched, as is the case with Anna’s creationwhose season lasts only 9 episodes, and after its first show, it became popular.

It lasts 9 seasons and is one of the most watched series on Netflix

Create Anna is a television series based on true events. Netflix is ​​recreating the famous status of Anna Delphi, the alleged Instagram star who starred in a brutal 2019 scandal with defrauding hundreds of people and banks.

The series, consisting of 9 episodes, is part of the true story of Anne Delvey. She was an Instagram celebrity who was admired by millions of people inside and outside the United States. Between 2013 and 2017, she was very active on social media, leading what seemed like a perfect life. However, what was behind all this photographic landscape was completely different. The scandal erupted in 2019, when he was convicted of several crimes.

The official summary of Anna’s creation

Bold businesswoman or scam artist? A reporter goes to investigate Anna Delphi, who has convinced the entire elite of New York that she is a German heiress.

curiosity invent anna

  • Anna Delphi’s real name is Anna Sorokin, who will go down in history as a Russian-German fraud who convinced millions of her alleged commercial success.
  • Sorokin began using the nickname Sorokin during his apprenticeship in the French capital, where he trained for Purple magazine.
  • Anna received about $320,000 from Netflix for the release of this short series based on her life story.
  • The series’ creator, Shonda Rhimes, was also responsible for other great productions of the time such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.
  • Julia Garner started acting lessons at the age of 15 to try to overcome her shyness.

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