Chie Mihara is resuming its offensive in the US and Asia, growing 15% this year

Chie Mihara resumes its global expansion. The Spanish company, which specializes in luxury women’s footwear, has revitalized its development in Asia and the United States to grow between 10% and 15% this year. The company, led by Peter Linden and Chie Mihara, closed 2022 with revenues of €15m.

The company plans to rely on multiple brands and markets For this international attack, After reducing its global presence with the pandemic. Specifically, the brand plans to enter Japan and gain a presence in the United States through Chicago, with multiple brands.

In Japan, the company has two dozen points of sale, among which are HP France stores in Lumine in Tokyo or Takashimaya Dept (Dagota). For its part, the company has about fifty points of sale in the United States. The company works with about four hundred points of sale internationally.

at the moment, Chie Mihara operates through its own store located in Elda (Alicante), multi-brand points of sale on a global scale and through its online channel.. “The online business is in the midst of a growth process, as we’re in luxury online stores like Farfetch,” Carmen Chi, the company’s CEO and creative director, told Moody’s.

Another objective of the company is to increase its presence in southern Spain with new multi-brand points of sale. Further expansion with retail is not on the table at this time.

With 95% of its sales made outside Spain, Chie Mihara plans to continue to strengthen its international presence through events, Galleries and international exhibitions.

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After two years, waiting for the woman to return to the office, Chie Mihara launched the recovery plan in 2022. The company’s plans included restructuring its distribution, promoting digitization and strengthening relationships with its multi-brand clients..

Chie Mihara currently employs twenty office staff, a total of one hundred people. The company has its own factory in Elda, Alicante. The company was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurial couple Chie Mihara (President and Creative Director) and Peter Linden (CEO).

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