Amazon introduces “Spain About the Click” initiative

Amazon’s commitment to Spanish SMEs is embodied in this initiative, to advertise small businesses in every community and the products with which they offer the best of each region to customers all over Spain and the world.

More than half of the products sold through Amazon come from other companies, including the 9,000 small and medium-sized Spanish companies that sell in Amazon stores, which in 2019 issued products totaling 450 million euros.

Small and Medium Enterprises (Small and medium-sized companiesIn addition to being the main economic engine of the Spanish economy, it is essential in spreading the culture and traditions of every region within and outside our borders.

For this reason, Amazon launched the “Spain to a Click” campaign with the aim of celebrating the culture and traditions of each independent community through small businesses selling on Amazon.

Throughout the year, as part of the “Spain to a Click” initiative, Amazon will tour our country coinciding with the regional days of each independent community, presenting the stories of small local companies that stand out in online sales with their traditional products, or they have created an innovative and unique business from Its type allows them to be sold and exported.

“Spain is a rich and diverse land, full of entrepreneurs with stories of success and improvement that we hope will inspire other small and medium-sized companies to make the leap in online sales. Amazon is an ally of Spanish companies that are a pillar in providing the best service and the best choice for our customers. For this reason, we will continue to invest in Tools and training so that they can grow outside our borders, export and generate jobs, ” said Mariangela Marseille, Vice President and General Manager of Amazon Italy and Spain.

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The first stop of the “España Click” program is set for February 28, with the celebration of Andalusia Day. More than 1,000 Andalusian small and medium-sized companies selling their products through Amazon reached nearly 50 million euros in international sales in 2019.

Among the small and medium Andalusian companies selling their products on Amazon, we find the most traditional companies and craftsmen such as Abanicos de Anita, a craftsman from Seville who sells hand-drawn fans all over Europe, to innovative companies with unique business models in Spain such as NortemBio, which is located Headquartered in Puerto de Santa Maria, it is the only company in Spain that produces and markets organic citric acid. Cervezanía is also the example of a company that found a business on the Internet that allowed it to reach all parts of Europe with its own home-made beer collections. Amazon is also working to boost economy and employment in Andalusia.

The company has a logistics center at Dos Hermannas in Seville and two logistics stations in Seville and Malaga, as well as a solar power plant in Alcala de Guadaira (Seville), which is the company’s first solar energy project outside the United States.

After Andalusia, the “Spain Click” initiative will announce the small companies from the Balearic Islands that make the island’s gastronomy and culture known throughout Europe, coinciding with the Balearic Islands Day on the 1st of March. Among them is Mibo Abarcas Menorca, a small and medium company specializing in the manufacture of traditional Menorcan shoes, which thanks to online sales and Amazon, has made sandals known throughout Europe, with great success among the Germans. The Balearic Islands talks about the sea, and Carvid Marine, a small and medium-sized company that specializes in manufacturing and selling umbrellas for all types of boats, knows it.

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Its founder, Carlos Hoyte, who has previous experience in the marine world, found a business in online sales and is currently reaching all over Europe with his products.

For all those small businesses and enterprising people who want to take the leap and sell online, Amazon offers the program Take off, Developed in cooperation with official bodies, academics and business associations to promote the growth and digitalization of Spanish SMEs.

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