Morocco ignores aid from France after the earthquake and only accepts aid from Spain, the UK, Qatar and the UAE

A girl looks at the damage caused by the recent earthquake in her town of Amizmiz, Sunday, September 10, 2023, near Marrakesh, Morocco. (AP Photo/Musab Al-Shami)

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior explained, in a statement, that it only accepted the assistance it offered Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates In response to the earthquake that left more than 2,100 dead in the Atlas Mountains region.

The Ministry explained, in a statement, that “the Moroccan authorities responded, during this specific phase, to offers of support made by friendly countries Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, which offered to mobilize search and rescue teams.” An official statement compiled by Moroccan television 2 m.

Rabat justifies its decision “accurate assessment” We recognized the needs after the earthquake and “keeping in mind that lack of coordination in such situations can be counterproductive.”

In any case, the Moroccan government He does not rule out seeking help from other countries If necessary: ​​“As interventions progress, the assessment of potential needs can evolve, allowing for the benefit of offers of support from other friendly countries, according to the specific needs of each stage.”

In addition, he expressed his “gratitude” for offers of “willingness to provide assistance and assistance in these special circumstances.”

The case that attracts the most attention is the case France, It has a close relationship on the political, diplomatic, historical and social levels, to the point that French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his country’s willingness to cooperate.

Macron announced from New Delhi, where he is scheduled to participate in the G20 summit, that “France is ready to provide its assistance to Morocco if it decides that it is useful.”

A woman cries as she sits among the rubble caused by the earthquake, September 10. (Fernando Sanchez/Europe Press)

The French leader pointed out that millions of French citizens have Moroccan and family roots in the areas affected by the earthquake. He added: “This tragedy touches the French people to the core.”

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“The Moroccan authorities know exactly what can be sent, the nature (of the assistance) and the timing (…). We are at your service. We did everything we could (…). The second it is requested, help will be sent. He stressed: “I think we are doing everything we can.”

The case of France is not the only one, as there are other countries like it Türkiye also offered its help. Moreover, the country has a very recent experience due to the February 6 earthquake, an earthquake that claimed nearly 60,000 lives in Turkey and Syria.

Spain has sent 86 soldiers, a Military Emergency Unit (UME) team of 56 soldiers and four dogs, which took off this morning from Zaragoza Air Base to Marrakech, and a second unit of 30 from the Special Emergency and Immediate Response Unit. From the Community of Madrid (ERICAM) and four dogs from the specialized search and rescue team.

On Sunday, an emergency team from the English West Midlands left for Morocco. “There are a lot of people who need help and a lot of people waiting for us,” Syed Muhammad Faisal Sami, UK director of Faizan International Aid, told the BBC in Birmingham.

“We have experience in Turkey, Syria and other countries and we know what they need. I hope the distribution will start tomorrow,” Faisal said.

UME members leave for Morocco on Sunday. (Ministry of Defense)

Volunteer Mohamed Samir Hussein explained that they will coordinate their work with emergency teams and Moroccan volunteers. “We’ve been told that “Right now it’s just about saving lives.” She pointed out. “When we get there tomorrow, we have to know the urgent needs and start distributing the aid,” he noted.

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The British NGO UK-Med is also preparing to send an aid team to Morocco, said David Whitwick, an official with the organisation. The goal is to reach hard-to-reach areas of the Atlas Mountains.

“We will see how we can provide healthcare,” Whitwick told the BBC. They will first evaluate the possibility of this Deploying large field hospitals. They are also in contact with UN agencies and the Moroccan Ministry of Health, as well as hospitals and communities in the region.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Zani, has ordered a rescue team and emergency medical aid to be sent to Morocco, the official Qatar News Agency, Qena, reported.

Al-Zani also conveyed his condolences to the king Mohammed VI and the “brotherly people” of Morocco. “I pray to God Almighty to bless the victims with His mercy and grant the injured a speedy recovery. “May God protect Morocco and its people from all harm,” he said in the message broadcast by Channel X, previously on Twitter.

On the same Saturday, the Qatari government contacted the Moroccan authorities to provide them with “all necessary assistance for the affected areas and support for recovery from all effects of the earthquake.” Qatar Charity also announced a donation of 5 million Qatari riyals (about 1.28 million euros) and an aid of one million riyals through the Qatar Red Crescent.

For his part, the chief said The United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan ordered the establishment of an air bridge to send humanitarian aid and other means to Morocco.

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Specifically, it was ordered by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai Send rescue teams and the transfer of humanitarian aid to the region.

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