Video: Elizabeth Louisa confronts demonstrators who have blocked roads

Elizabeth Louisa. Photo: Instagram @elizabethloaiza

After several weeks of the national strike and demonstrations in the main cities of the country, Barriers and mobility problems persist in some areasIt greatly affects the dozens of travelers and workers who depend on their vehicles to earn a living, because they cannot easily move from one place to another.

In the midst of this situation, it turns out that famous model and businessman Elizabeth Louisa was one of those affected. Kalina’s family also denounced via their social networks, she was stuck in a blockade while moving along the highway, so I decided to confront the demonstrators to demand an end to the siege.

In a 13-minute video he uploaded to his Instagram account, Louisa showed the moment when two motorcycles intercepted the vehicle he was driving, causing a traffic jam on the road. “This is not peaceful, this is not peaceful.”That is what I heard the model say before deciding to get out of the car to try to figure out what was happening.

Once out, without using your mask to prevent COVID-19, The businesswoman began asking motorcyclists to let her pass She and the other people queuing away from their cars. However, two of them told him that apparently one of his companions had been hit by a car, so they decided to settle there.

Despite explanations and reasons on both sides, no agreement was reached. On the other hand The situation became more tense and many people gatheredIt generates chaos in the place. The whole thing was recorded in Elizabeth Luisa’s video, which was accompanied in turn by a message that sparked controversy among Kaley’s model followers.

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Yes to unemployment, no to the blockade that ends life and jobs. I agree that people are fighting for their rights, especially the poor who have not had many opportunities to work or study. But they should know that the government, which in this case is the mother and father of these people, does not have a small machine that produces money to pay the expenses that the father and mother did not have to pay.

In addition to these words, Luisa said that the crisis the country is going through, according to his belief, is not caused by “the politicians who rule it,” but by “Some people who stand up for their rights do so without measuring the consequences.”.

“It is not enough for you to have the right, but you must know its limits. I agree that people who think they have a right affirm it,” the businesswoman added, “but without exceeding the rights of others.”

These phrases prompted some users to tell Kaley model again that she “has no sympathy” for others, as well We advise you not to express your political views online Because it will be criticized clearly and cause controversy.

“May your selfishness and indifference not be blinded to those who have a little more than you, to the point that millions of people are being hurt by their jobs, endeavors, and illusions in getting ahead at work. I would like to change the phrase: I hope that your comfort does not cloud your sympathy with the phrase: “May your selfishness and indifference do not affect your sympathyLouisa concluded his letter.

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