Starfield Bug launches the player into space without their ship

A bug in the Starfield spaceship causes the player to travel with only the interior of the spaceship.

The possibilities are endless with the Starfield Spaceship Building System

Starfield gives players great freedom in space exploration and building system It allows you to create or customize ships space. Naturally, this type of vehicle is very important in the game because it is what allows us to do so Traveling from one planet to another And from one galaxy to another. However, some players have encountered a strange bug that causes their ship to disintegrate upon take-off, leaving only the cockpit or the interior of the ship.

Perhaps this is one of the deliberate errors of Starfield mentioned by Peter Heinz It’s become kind of fun. for players. If you want to know more about what happened, in the following information we leave you Everything you want to know It was about this strange bug that caused an uproar in the Starfield fan community.

This is what would happen if Starfield spaceships were just cockpits

The cockpit took off without the rest of my ship
byu/Denubtheredditor incom. starfield

A Reddit user named com. denubtheredditor He shared a video of what went wrong in Starfield and, oddly enough, looks like it Something common to many players who also commented on the post. Well, as you can see in the video, you can see how the spacecraft continues to operate the thrusters for takeoff, but only when it starts to gain altitude It was completely dismantledleaving only the character’s cockpit where he controls the ship.

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from here, It rises uncontrollably in the sky without allowing the player to handle or use propulsion devices properly. Many users answered that they also encountered this and that error The exact origin is unknownBut what can be done in this case is to load the saved game to solve it. However, the problem remains in many cases, especially when taking off on a recently discovered planet.

Starfield Bug launches the player into space without their ship

The building system is one of the most interesting features of Starfield

Denubtheredditor has also highlighted this issue He was prevented from moving Or using the ship’s weapons in space, because all the external parts that make up the vehicle disappear completely. In addition, cabin It didn’t have a crash that enemies can pass through it without causing damage, making it practically useless for space travel.

Some have suggested it could be related to shipbuilding, a tool that allows you to modify and customize your spaceship. However, it is not possible to create a ship with cabin or interior only, so this is an unintentional glitch. Many Reddit users have apparently taken advantage of the moment to make jokes and memes about this very funny bug, such as the fact that It can save fuel Due to cab lighting or due to the chance of escaping a bad eject button when needed.

This is not the only time Starfield has made mistakesThere were also bugs that caused characters to dance, as well as others that interfered with the dialogue state regardless of the actions of the NPC and the protagonist. Whatever the case, Starfield developers are sure to be Adding new updates To solve all problems that appear in the game. However, it is worth noting that some of these bugs have been left intentionally for the entertainment of the Starfield player community.

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