Argentina was selected among the 15 most beautiful countries in the world

Argentina reached number 14 on Rough Guides’ list as one of the most beautiful destinations. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

all nation It has its charm and it is clear that each person’s tastes may differ according to his beliefs or evaluations. However, the prestigious media dedicated to tourism, raw evidence, Created a list with The most beautiful countries on the planet And Argentina It ranks 14th Rated as one of the best destinations to visit.

In fact, the country stands out as one of them The most diverse on the menu. “Almost any landscape can be found within its borders. Just gorgeous!”Highlights Raw evidence On his website.

Iguazu Falls are among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncorone)

Moreover, the medium indicates a difference view It is ideal to visit on any trip to the country. the Iguazu Falls It is one of the favorite places among visitors, mainly because of its beauty, which is why it was able to enter the prestigious list “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”. Moreover, its proximity to Brazil And ParaguayIt provides easy access for travelers.

Another point of the country that has been named is Tierra del Fuego. The province is its capital Ushuaiaknown as the second southernmost city on the planet (recently surpassed by Puerto Williamsin Chili pepper). The climate there is subarctic, characterized by cool temperatures throughout the year, short, cool summers, and long, wet winters. Snowfall is common in winter, and temperatures rarely exceed 15°C in summer. Thanks to its landscape, including mountains, forests, glaciers and sea, it is ideal for eco-tourism.

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Raw evidence Highlights: “As one reader told us, when it comes to landscaping, Here you will find “everything your heart desires”, with a wide range of experiences to enjoy. Moreover, it emphasizes City of Buenos AiresThis is due to the importance of the capital in the functioning of the country, and to the province of Buenos Aires, which confirms that its extension Pampas You can travel by bike.

Buenos Aires is the cultural and urban center of Argentina. (@TurismoBuenosAires)

The article also emphasizes vineyards MendocinusWhere you can follow famous people Wine roadEnjoy fine gastronomy, do outdoor activities, be part of sustainable tourism and visit historic wineries and architecture.

from Raw evidence They also invite you to be part of the ice break from Perito Moreno GlacierIn the Argentine Patagonia. An amazing natural phenomenon that occurs in… Los Glaciares National Parklocated in the province Santa CruzIt attracts visitors from all over the world, especially in the summer.

Ice calving at Perito Moreno Glacier is a natural phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over the world. (Reuters/Lucinda Elliott)

“You will be spoiled for choice among the wonderful things to do in this “A wonderful country of glaciers, waterfalls, deserts and sea,” said one of our readersstands out from the magazine specialized in tourism, where they also suggest going to see A Tango show.

New Zealand has been chosen as the most beautiful country in the world. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth/File Photo
  1. New Zealand: “The contrast between the landscape and the beauty found in the people and culture”
  2. Italy: “Italy has it all! “It is the most complete country in the world”
  3. Canada: “Beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife”
  4. Swiss: “Feeling perfect”
  5. France: “Cultural heritage and love of people”
  6. United kingdom: “Amazing food, friendly people and great variety”
  7. Norway: “Impressive nature and simple people”
  8. Australia: “Mountains, snow, deserts, rainforests and beautiful beaches: Australia has it all.”
  9. Greece: “everyone!”
  10. South Africa: “Diversity, culture, landscape, wine, people and food”
  11. United State: “Diversity of cities, geology and landscapes”
  12. Chili pepper: “Diverse landscapes and lots of unspoilt hinterland.”
  13. Iceland: “Black sand beaches with sparkling ice flakes; Lunar landscape. “Dawn over the snowy fields”
  14. Argentina: “Almost any landscape can be found within its borders. Just gorgeous!”
  15. Croatia: “It has it all: rivers, sea, mountains, plains, excellent food and friendly people.”
  16. India: “Diversity and pure culture”
  17. Indonesia: “Islands, mountains, seas, forests, amazing temples and tombs: a lot!”
  18. Portugal: “Good food, good wine, good weather”
  19. Slovenia: “It’s a jewelry box.”
  20. Japan: “Nature and landscape intertwine with history and architecture”
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