Mexico premiere of Sons of a Bitch, United States, Straice

If you want to know what this is Funny dog ​​movie and when it hits the big screens you just have to check that note.

Hijos de perra premieres August 24 in Mexico and Latin America. | Libero composition.

“sons of bitches” It is the new movie that promises to hook people from start to finish. tape production Josh Greenbaum will be sharing Will Farrell and Jamin Foxxwho will give voice to the main characters of the movie.

This movie production based on man’s best friend will hit theaters very soon. If you want to know When is “Sons of a Bitch” released?Then you have to check the next few lines.

Premiere of “Sons of Bitches”.

The weird comedy will hit theaters on Mexico and Latin America on August 24. Surely, this bar promises to stir up all kinds of feelings.

Persons in the United States may See “Strays” from August 8thOr 2023. If you are a dog lover, do not miss this unique movie production.

“Sons of bitches”: what is the film about?

The film follows the story of Reggie, a naive and optimistic Border Terrier who was abandoned on the streets by his owner Dog, but thought he would never leave him alone on purpose. After some time, another dog met Bug, and realized what really happened.

This is the new dog movie that will make you smile more than once. (photo: “Sons of Bitch”)

They both reunite with their friends and seek revenge on Reggie’s former owner, as he never wanted him back. “They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but what if a man is a complete idiot?”is the hypothesis from which The movie “Sons of Whores”.

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