“My 4-year-old son has lost his mind.”

We’re used to parents asking their children – young and not so young – to watch less TV and, in general, to spend less time in front of cell phones, tablets and any other screen. This battle is, in many cases, an everyday one, has two very clear sides and is often resolved through diplomatic means: parents negotiate with the children, perhaps to let them finish a class before turning off the TV. However, these days we are seeing a new variable in the UK: it is the parents who are expressing their concern about the fact that their children will be left without one of their children. Favorite series.

Netflix will be removed This Wednesday from the UK children’s series catalogue OctonautsWhich can be watched in Spain through Amazon Prime Video and RTVE Play, in addition to Netflix. Some parents decided to express their devastation – which also awaits their children – on the social network X, formerly Twitter. This is despite the fact that the series will still be available on other platforms, except apparently for the block at the end of the chapters.

“I can’t believe that Octonauts It will disappear from Netflix on Wednesday. Our family will be abandoned. “Yes, yes, it’s on Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, but the ‘creature reports’ at the end of the episodes aren’t there, apparently,” one user lamented. This other one is also worrying, and he’s already paved the way at home to warn his son: “Netflix will remove Octonauts. “My 4-year-old son is losing his mind.”

This other user who says he “hates” Netflix because of its decision is less “diplomatic.” What’s more, he couldn’t finish the series, he admits. It is clear from his words that he himself, and not one of his children, is the one who feels the desire to cry because he can no longer see. Octonauts. It’s as if kids and parents are being taken away from this (it’s not) children’s series at the moment: this gem of a title bluish. We also want to cry without sisters Bluey and Bingo, and without their parents: Bandit and Chilli.
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