The Chinese regime threatened to take “firm measures” after the visit of the Vice President of Taiwan to the United States

The Chinese regime threatened to take “firm measures” before the Vice President of Taiwan transited through the United States. (Reuters)

he Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Chinese regime confirmed Sunday that it is “closely following” the flight this weekend Vice President of Taiwan William Laito the United States, while threatening to “Firm and strong actions“.

China is closely watching the development of the situation and will take resolute and forceful measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.An unnamed Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a statement posted online.

No candidate Presidential elections in Taiwan The following year, he stopped at United State To attend the inauguration ceremony of the new President of Paraguay, Santiago Pena Then it will stop San Francisco on his return trip.

according to beijing, Lai is “looking for problems” with his transit in the United States, which he calls “an excuse to engage in political activities.”“.

China considers Taiwan, which has its own government, to be part of its territory and says it will one day return under its control, by force if necessary.

China resolutely opposes any form of official exchange between the United States and Taiwan, and resolutely opposes secessionists seeking “Taiwan independence” from entering the United States under any name or for any reason.It firmly opposes any kind of official contact between the US government and the Taiwanese side.”

Lai, a candidate for Taiwan’s presidential election next year, has stopped in the United States to attend the inauguration of Paraguay’s new president, Santiago Peña, and will later stop in San Francisco on his return flight. (Reuters)

Asian giantStrongly condemns the United States’ insistence on arranging William Lay’s “crossing” into the United StatesThe spokesperson added that he described Lai as a “real troublemaker”.

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Before boarding his flight on Saturday afternoon, Lai told reporters he plans to “meet leaders from different countries around the world as well as meet with delegations from like-minded countries” during his trip to Paraguay, the only South American country that recognizes diplomatically. Taiwan vs China.

“I will make (…) the international community aware of our many efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific regionLay said.

The United States and Taiwan in collusion allowed it William Lay A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday that carrying out political activities in the United States under the pretext of “transit”.

“This seriously violates the one-China principle and seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added.

In April, China held three days Military exercises after the taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen Meet with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthyin California, upon his return from a trip to Guatemala and Belize.

for his part, Taipei He had tried to downplay Lai’s pause, suggesting it had happened before, and calling on Beijing not to “overreact”.

In April, China held a three-day military exercise after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California after returning from a trip to Guatemala and Belize. (AP)

According to the Taiwanese government, China may hold exercises near Taiwan next week “Using Libra as an excuse to scare voters ahead of next year’s elections.”

Tensions between Taipei and Beijing, ongoing since Tsai came to power in 2016, escalated last summer over a visit by the then US House Speaker, Nancy PelosiIt was strongly protested by the Chinese authorities, calling it a “farce” and an “unfortunate betrayal”.

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(with info from EFE and AFP)

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