McDonald’s creates unit against sexual harassment and racism in the UK Grupo Milenio

McDonald’sthe fast food giant, will create a unit for Investigating cases of sexual harassment and assault or racists In its UK establishments, after complaints from a hundred employees published by the BBC.

And the general manager of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland, Alistair Macro, explained this The said unit can refer reported cases to specialized investigators.

Macro, who reiterated his “deepest apologies” for the “apparent failures” of the Manage and prevent these attacks.

“any A serious violation of our Code of Conduct He warned that strict measures, including dismissal, would be dealt with.

On Tuesday, the BBC revealed that more than a hundred McDonald’s employees in the UK have claimed this Being a victim of sexual or racial abuse or harassmentin a new case that adds to a growing list of scandals of this kind in the British business world.

The fast food giant was already the subject of accusations four years ago, when it was denounced by the BFAWU More than a thousand female workers were subjected to sexual harassment and ill-treatment at your workplace.

fast food chain It has 177,000 employees in the UKMost of them are young people, even teenagers.

Two years ago, a group of former and current McDonald’s employees in France denounced the “systemic” policy. gender discrimination Within the network, with dozens of testimonies describing sexual harassment and a “Bad” corporate culture.

Former leader of the worldwide group Steve Easter Book It was launched at the end of 2019 for Maintain an intimate relationship with the employeein contravention of the internal regulations.

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McDonald’s created it The CEO has hidden relationships with several employees and that he lied about the true nature of this relationship when it became public.

in the past few months Allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced in the British business world And abuses within the main British employer CBI, and sexual assault against the former chairman of the board of directors of Tesco supermarkets, investor Crispin Oddy, and even against a former journalist for the left-wing Guardian newspaper.


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