MásMóvil is a victim of a hack that doesn’t matter a priori

Ransomware attacks that lead to information hijacking are the order of the day. The best known case was The security issue that SEPE had, (Government Public Employment Service) that has been out of service for several weeks as a result of not renewing the computer contract that he had previously had. Obsolete equipment and neglect is more than possible by the employee by clicking on a link that should not also perform part of the work. SEPE was not the only victim in Spain, Companies like Phone House They were also targeted by cybercriminals and ended up leaking all the data on the Dark Web because the company did not agree to pay the balance.

Preventing these types of attacks is not easy because there is a file human component It always has an effect. If a company’s computer security is great but the person connected to the private network is doing something unwise and Download a program It should not automatically compromise all the information on the affected company’s servers. This is basically what happens when these types of attacks occur.

What happened to MásMóvil?

The yellow operator has made headlines today for possible data hijacking, some media outlets even report that criminals are asking for $2000 million. A number that exceeds all logic given the size of the company and that it is not an international company.

The news spread quickly like wildfire and users began to speculate on the extent to which this information had been leaked. The company’s official sources of all solvency confirmed it to us literally No relevant data has been breached, that it is a simple attack on a chain of servers and that the company’s operations are not affected in any way. With this assertion, it is clear that customers do not have to be concerned because from the start it appears to be an isolated security failure that would have no consequences. In any case, we will remain vigilant in case we learn more details about what happened throughout the day.

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