How to activate real-time automatic captions from Google Chrome

It is now possible to watch videos with automatic translation from Google Chrome. This update came to Chrome 89 When activated, it allows you to view content from the platforms My voice s Video How YouTube, Netflix Or whatever with the subtitles created in At present While playing the article.

This tool, which appeared initially on Pixel phones and later on other mobile phones, can now be enjoyed from the browser. Of course: At the moment it is only available in English, so it will only be activated when playing material in that language.

How to activate translation

As a first procedure, you will need to enter a file Adjust From Chrome you have to press points Listed in the upper right corner of your browser. Then you have to choose the option that says Adjust Then go to Advanced Settings. Once there, select Accessibility And the choice that says Automatic translation.

Automatic translation of videos and audios is available in Google Chrome 89
Automatic translation of videos and audios is available in Google Chrome 89

When you do this, you’ll see a sign appear that realizes this Chrome downloads the transcript files to your computer. At the end of the process, you will be able to enjoy automatic translation of the content being viewed from there.

The caption automatically appears in a black box
The caption automatically appears in a black box

Subtitles appear in a box with black background and white letters. It emits even when silence is deactivated, and it’s a very useful tool To be able to see the material without listening to the audio, which is something we might want to do, for example, if we are with other users and don’t have headphones on hand.

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Other new features: Less resource consumption

In addition to translation, other developments came from hand Chrome 89 as a better resource and speed saver. In the case of Windows, up to prof Reduce memory consumption by 22%, 8% in renderer and 3% on GPU. Browser response is also improved by up to 9%As stated by the company in a statement.

Also, Chrome now restores up to 100 MB For each tab, it is more than one 20% In some famous locations, via Ignore the memory that inactive tabs are taking for a long time. In case macOS Savings of up to one Memory 8%, due to resource optimization.

Finally, with more field data on tab limitations, we’re seeing improvement up to A. 65% Apple Power Impact Score for background tabs“, Mentioned in the official blog.

In case Male in appearance Fewer failures are observed due to resource depletion as well 5% improvement in memory usage, 7.5% faster startup times, and up to 2% increase when page loads.

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