Jujuy: Medicine degree will be implemented in August 2024


They reported that the process by which a career begins is slow and that approval from the national Ministry of Education is needed.

to implement Medical degree at Jujuy National University It is expected to be implemented in the second quarter of 2024. The delay is due to various processes that must be agreed upon in advance.

The Executive Secretary of the Agency for the Implementation of the Medical Profession, Antonio Bulgopacic, spoke with the programme “Information Bridge” to AM630 He explained that the progress being made is slow because a series of factors “which have to do with Jujuy University” must be taken into account. In addition, he stressed that the approval of the Ministry of Education is required “specifically from the field of the University’s Policies Secretariat.”

Bulgobasic pointed out that the goal is for the race to start as quickly as possible, but “the times are subject to the policies of Buenos Aires, the Cuneo, educational and academic projects, and the equipment we need.”

Although there is no exact date, The settlement cycle is expected to start in August 2024.

Agreement with the Graham Foundation

The Executive Secretary held a meeting with Silvia Kassab, Executive Director of the Graham Foundation, where a cooperation agreement was signed.

“What the institution offers us is the training of health human resources for a long time and everything related to it, is what it offers us, for which the path of preservation is important, such as the implementation of the profession and training of human resources. “, explained former Minister of Health L Gogoi Channel 7.

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The agreement will be cooperation and assistance in all areas necessary for cooperation with public health.

He finally explained that teacher training and anatomy would be conducted “because Gogoi does not have anatomy and we are close to offering courses for future professions.”

Implementation of the medical profession

On April 24 of this year, Governor Gerardo Morales, together with the Rector of the National University of Jujuy, Mario Bonello, and the National University of Tucuman, Sergio José Pagani, signed an Academic Scientific Framework Agreement to address the process that ends with the establishment of a medical degree in Jujuy.

In the same law, it was agreed to form a working committee composed of Ongo “responsible for the academic and educational part” and the Agency for the Implementation of the Medical Profession in Jujuy with the task of surveying and presenting “related infrastructure and equipment,” in order to “realize a coherent project to be analyzed and approved,” said Polgobasic. On it by Kono.”

The former head of the Provincial Health Profile highlighted the “high expectations that have been created in relation to this issue,” but explained that “the process that has begun is usually a very long one” and that “there are many provinces that aspire to establish medical and medical colleges.” “We are in the race.”

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