This is the era of Taylor Swift and songs that go viral

glitter, sequins,“Friendship bracelets”…There is no doubt about this The era of Taylor Swift Their fans, who call themselves “The Fast Ones,” enjoy every moment. It would be wrong to say that the singer paralyzed Mexico. On the contrary, there has never been a busier weekend for the thousands of people who have left their pending plans to travel to Mexico City and enjoy their concerts in Seoul forum.

translator Cruel summer He gave his fans four straight nights of experiences. It was not just about coming together to listen to 17 years of experience summed up in three-hour, 15-minute concerts, but also about finding that complicity in those who sit to the side or those who hold their breath when the stage clock counts down.

Do you want to dress up for prom? Or create bracelets to give to other fans? Talk about it Tour of the ages Not to mention the ten music albums of the artist originally from Pennsylvania. Fans made this tour their own by turning it into a viral phenomenon, which is reflected not only in the many popular topics and tutorials on social networks but also in the local and broader economy.

Taylor Swift concert. Photo: Valente Rosas

Taylor Swift’s concerts literally shook the US economy, as it were get rid of It will be treated. the Federal Reserve of the United States I noticed the impact of performances. In the central bank’s latest Beige Book, concerts are detailed Tour of the ages Tourism income has risen dramatically in cities like Philadelphia, for example.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the word came out “Rapid Economy”, To name the economy around concerts.

Taylor Swift at Foro Sol at CDMX. Photo: Bernice Fregoso/El Universal.

But not just in the States, Team Taylor succumbed to Mexican creativity offering everything from T-shirts, hats, and keychains to prints. “St. Taylor”an image in which the singer appears incarnated as a religious figure on the outskirts of the city Seoul Forum.

Although the number left behind for informal work cannot be calculated, the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism has estimated the leakage to be in excess of 1.2 million pesos from its passage through MexicoThis was due to concert tickets, accommodation, restaurants and retail sales.

The success was already expected because a few hours after the tickets were released on Ticketmaster, they were already sold out, after the company chose to go through with the action. “Verified fan”presumably so that these do not fall into the hands of sellers.

To be “fast” there is no age, but you have to ask Arturo Zaldivar. Minister and former President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, who joined the fever and shared his experience at the first ceremony held on August 24.

Minister Arturo Zaldivar / Photo. Berenice Fregoso/El Universal

Taylor Swift brings the same show she performs stateside to Foro Sol; The costume changes, dancers and songs were repeated at each date, delighting even those who did not consider themselves “The fast ones”. Leaving a lesson for other artists: all audiences deserve a world-class show.

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But it seems that wasn’t enough for Taylor… and for… “Swifties” The concert was not released on the small screen and in both Mexico and the United States, it did not take long for the sites to sell out.

According to the American network AMC, Round of the Ages movie He broke his own record “Spider-Man: No Way Home”recording profits of $26 million on its first day of pre-sale in the United States.

For academics and experts, it did not go unnoticed and was christened as eccentric Taylor Swift. By the way, multiple universities have listed special courses and studies on the singer who received an honorary doctorate in fine arts from New York University.

Taylor Swift will be studying at a university in Belgium. / photo: Instagram.

The lyrics of their songs not only empower them but also imprint a positive message that is reflected in the society. “fast” who gathered to cheer You’re on your own, kidduring the exchange “Friendship bracelets”, an action that would continue to be repeated in future concerts.

Everything indicates that this is an era of phenomena that go beyond virality and digital conversation. Mexico, like the United States, knew how to take advantage of this advantage, otherwise we would have to analyze the case of the craft store. Miguel fantasies who literally lived his own August.

And the, what age are you

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