Joe Biden turns 81 and seeks re-election | He is ready to be President of the United States until the age of 86

president of the United States, Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday at the White House on Monday, leading the traditional ceremony to save the lives of two turkeys before Thanksgiving, one of the country’s most important holidays.. At the event, Biden indulged in several jokes about his advanced age, at a time when polls show that his age could conflict with his aspirations for re-election in 2024 and eventually ending a second term at the age of 86.

“As many of you know, it’s hard to be 60,” the Democratic president said in this tone before pardoning two turkeys, the main course of the family Thanksgiving celebration, which is celebrated next Thursday, the 23rd. He added: “This is the 76th anniversary of this event. I want you to know that I was not there, and that I was too young to invent it.” This is the third time Biden has pardoned a pair of turkeys in preparation for the holiday season, continuing a presidential tradition that began in 1947 when the National Turkey Federation presented a turkey to President Harry Truman.

Oldest president

Biden became H in 2021The oldest president sits in the Oval Office. The Democratic leader, former vice president and senator confirmed in April that he will seek re-election in the November 2024 election, and if successful, he will conclude his second presidential term at the age of 86. He will break the record he set himself. Three out of four Americans agree that he is too old to last four more years in the White House, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll published in September.

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Biden, aware that the debate is on the table, has resorted to sarcasm in many of his public statements, such as when he said in September: “In my 800 years, I have never been more optimistic about the future of the world.” “I know I’m 198 years old,” he said at another event in June, trying to take on what might be a burden on his field.

He and those around him also tried to highlight that age also means experience, in fact, Biden arrived in Washington as a senator 50 years ago. “Fortunately, one of the things that comes with age is wisdom,” the president said in another reference to this topic. In his favor is the fact that he operates in a remarkably outdated political environment.

His main rival facing the 2024 election, Republican Donald Trump, turned 77 in June, though the mogul has not hesitated to publicly mock Biden’s age and question his ability to remain in power. Also, 50% of Americans believe that Trump is old.

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