Joe Biden confirmed that the United States will withdraw combat forces from Iraq

USA President , Joe Bidenconfirmed it Combat forces in Iraq will be withdrawn by the end of the yearAs it happened with Afghanistan.

We will not be at the end of the year on a combat mission (in Iraq).The president said in statements to the press in the Oval Office of the White House and in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

However, Biden also made it clear An unknown number of soldiers will remain in the Middle Eastern country NS Providing advice and cooperation in the fight against terrorism with the Iraqi army.

We are committed to our cooperation on security matters. The head of state said that our fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) is vital to the stability of the region and our cooperation against terrorism will continue as we enter this new phase.

Prime Minister Al-Kazemi He thanked Biden for his gesture and added that he was excited to work together. “Our nation is now stronger than ever“, pointed out.

Currently, they are still close to 2500 soldiers in Iraq, the country where the United States was Military presence since 2003during the George Bush administration. His successor, Barack Obama, managed to completely withdraw all US forces from Iraq in 2011, but had to order their return in 2014 to lead an international coalition against the Islamic State.

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