USA vs McMahon: WWE brings their story to TV

expansion WWE in several ways. Imagination is nothing new. Together with Netflix, he launched a series with Big Show as the hero, which remained for one season due to the giant’s march to AEW, the company’s main competition. Now, WWE is back in battle and doing so with a series, in collaboration with Blumhouse Television, that will chronicle one of the most important chapters in the wrestling company’s history in recent years.

The series is titled America vs. Vince McMahon, will delve into the history of WWE during the 1990s, when American media mogul Rupert Murdoch bought the New York Post to promote his massive presence in the American media scene. For years, post writer Phil Mochnik has regularly criticized WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon in his column.. Headlines like “Lawmakers give WWE free pass to Roids (anabolic)” and “McMahon jumps through the graveyard” They reached the attention of the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, The country’s most famous Federal Prosecutor’s Office with a conviction rate of over 96%.

In 1994, the US government. McMahon accused of supplying anabolic steroids to WWE Superstars. McMahon, with his freedom on the line, with two schoolboys at home and with WWE on the brink of bankruptcy, Refusing to accept the plea bargain. In the end, McMahon was tried and subsequently acquitted unanimously by a jury, In the process of building the largest sports entertainment company in the world.

“Jason, Chris and their team at Blumhouse are doing an amazing job and we look forward to providing an inside look at one of the most pivotal moments in our company’s history,” said Kevin Dunn, WWE Executive Producer and Head of Global Television Distribution. “We have a fantastic and exciting series, crazier than fiction, that will appeal to Blumhouse and WWE fans.According to Chris McMember, President of Blumhouse Television. To say I’m thrilled to be working with WWE again is an understatement. “

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McMahon, Dunn, Blum, McCumber, and Jeremy Gold will serve as executive producers on this project. The Blumhouse Television team, led by McCumber, has announced several series in recent weeks: The Thing About Pam, starring Renee Zellweger in her first television appearance on NBC; Blumhouse Ghost Story, the written series based on the BBC podcast The Battersea Poltergeist, and the unwritten companion series; Or the “Kay Scarpetta” series, which is based on the bestselling book by Patricia Cornwell.

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