Job offers in Canada without speaking English

Canada It is one of the countries that offer a high quality of life to its residents, which has become one of the the places Perfect for traveling, for work Or study. Also, this nation is home to incredible places surrounded by natural beauty and recognized for its multiculturalism.

So if you are interested in getting a job in another country; The Job offers from Canada It is an excellent opportunity.

According to the vacancies on the Employment Portal of the Mexican National Employment Service, this is possible. We tell you some Active employment opportunities and application requirements.

Through this official employment portal and the Work Abroad program, the government of Mexico has posted several job offers for Work in Canada, In which the application is made No need to speak English.

1. The first Job offer It is an IT district and is located in the city of Paspébiac, in the province of Quebec.

Paspébiac is located in the county of Bonaventure, and, according to the 2011 census, its population is 3,198. The dominant language in this city Canada It is french; The city has a temperate climate, although the best season for travel, meeting and work is from June to September, due to the pleasant temperatures between 20 ° and 25 °.

Likewise, Paspébiac is known for its “Banc de Pêche de Paspébiac”, a large fishing bank located in the Gulf that has been named a National Historic Site of Canada. It is made up of 10 buildings constructed between 1783 and 1900; It has a height of 30 meters. It is a reference port in the region as its main activity is cod fishing.

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Undoubtedly, it is an ideal destination not only for work but to enjoy staying there as it is not surrounded by hustle and bustle, but rather it is protected by landscape, little noise and the clear waters of the bay.

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The position is Computer Hardware Repair Technician, one of the requirements is to have technical studies in Computer Science, with two years of experience; You have a driver’s license that provides overtime and is under pressure; Teamwork ability. And they have analytical skills.

In this demo is not necessary speak in English Nor French, and the work will be carried out in the city of Pasbiak, Canada. The recruitment continues until April 12 and interviews will take place roughly May 4-8.

Among the conditions of this vacancy is that housing and transportation are at the expense of the employee.

(Image: Capture, recruitment portal)

For those who have a basic level of French

per second Job offer Where the field EnglishAlthough a basic level of French conversation is required, the site is a production classifier for the cities of Lachute or Tribune.

To fill this position, the candidate must be a technical high school level of studies.

Employment dates are until April 12 and interviews will roughly take place between May 4 and 8. In addition, the employer will pay for the plane ticket and this will help the employee find a place close to work to live. It is essential for the interested party to have good motor skills and physical resistance.

(Image: Capture, recruitment portal)

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3. In Shaoyenigan Town there is a Job offer For those interested in a job in the industrial sector. You need a TIG welding machine for Aluminum with studies related to TIG welding. For the vacancy it is not necessary speak in English, But you have a basic knowledge of French and two years of experience. The company will pay the transportation costs while the property will only help you find an inexpensive apartment near the workplace. Also, among the requirements, the premise must have sufficient experience in titanium welding, knowledge of various welding processes, excellent physical condition and knowledge of tools.

(Image: Capture, recruitment portal)

4. Others Job offer On Canada This is not required speak in English For the food sector, the profession is employment in transporting food. To work in Mansell municipality, you only need to have a basic-intermediate level of French and a level of study in high school. In housing the employer will help with the search; While the transfer is paid by him. It is essential to have a year of experience and among other requirements: ability to work in a team, tolerance to high temperatures, versatility and independence; Also this Show It provides an opportunity for growth.

(Image: Capture, recruitment portal)

This is the site Recruitment portal To consult more vacancies.

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