NASA is trying to innovate its first flight on Mars

The Martian helicopter will take off for the first time on Monday, while the Perseverance SUV will score its achievement

Everything is ready for him Take off a little creativity, The little robot that traveled in the back of a persevering 4×4 to the hostile red planet. On Monday itself, at 12 noon (Spanish Peninsula Time), The helicopter will take off to create the history of Mars. It would heat up its engines, turn on its propellers, and go live The first automatic device to fly over another planet. This feat compares the feat of the Wright brothers in 1903 to the first flight in history. A century later, the story was repeated, but with the plot added by the fact that in this case, The flight will be carried out with an autopilot. And if something fails, there’s no way to fix it live.

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Creativity boot is not 100% guaranteed. In fact, it all depends on the technical issues that were resolved last week. “Luck favors the brave,” says the science team behind the mission. “But if something fails, we have a backup plan.” If all goes well, NASA will release kit this Monday Programs to follow up on achievement live With creativity. at 12:00 PM (Spanish Peninsula Time) The live broadcast will start to take off. At 8:00 pm, in addition, the scientists responsible for Task A. Press Conference To explain how the mission went and what the next steps for a helicopter on Mars would be.

The newspaper opens a file Straight to follow The first steps of creativity on Mars.

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