In Baldur’s Gate III, they discover a way to cure many members of the group with a single potion

Baldur’s Gate III contains all kinds of interactions, feel free to experiment with its systems.

Shadowheart is a good choice for having a Cleric in the party

The third Baldur’s Gate is the so-called CRPG game or classic role-playing game, Point, click and turn based combatwith a lot of potential interactions between their respective systems It goes beyond the basic instructions provided by the game itself. This means that the game’s basic tutorials teach you to understand how it works, but they don’t present you with a list of all possible interactions. Exploring possible actions and their outcomes, we discover, for example, How to use a potion to heal multiple personalities.

Almost as if it were an immersive SIM, its systems interacting with each other to present it Realistic reactions to our actionsIn Baldur’s Gate III we see this in things like placing a candle next to your character To light arrows of fire And other ways Take advantage of the environment and items in your inventory For your own good. Transfer to the video game what one would do in a real game of Dragons and Dungeons.

How to heal multiple characters with one potion in Baldur’s Gate III

It is true that if we want to have the opportunity to treat our characters fairly frequently, we always can Bring a clergyman to the partythough character healing spells, either individually or in a group, Spend action and spell slotsso it is likely that the time will come when we will rely solely on doses.

When the time comes, you should know that the most effective way to heal many party members with potions is, as we said before, by making use of the terrain. It turns out that if there are several members of the group Reasonably short distanceCan Throw a potion at a point on the ground Strategically so that its radius of action heals both by spending Only one action point.

Baldur's Gate III screenshot

Simply place party members nearby, and drop a potion | Larian Studios

It’s a very minor detail of everything Larian Studios has to offer, but without a doubt, it’s one of a kind Playable and intriguing details Those that make Baldur’s Gate III one of the most popular games of the moment. It has already been rated as the top-score game of the year Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is also the most pre-ordered game on PlayStation 5.

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