Since when and why is it celebrated?

c.Ada August 13th The day is dedicated to a minority of the population that performs all their major tasks with their left hand, i.e. the day is especially dedicated to left-handed people. The day is special ever since 1976 It aims to highlight those who are not part of More or less 90% of people who are not like them are right-handed.

Left-handed people make up a very small part of the population that is different from the rest, and this is the biggest part of them Tasksmainly designed for people right hand. However, all this is changing and there are more and more tools Also made for people who use a Leave.

This very special day of remembrance of left-handed people originated in 1976, and their given name is “International Day of the Left” And it was created in United kingdom. Its main goal is to develop hardship and discrimination Left-handed people suffer in a society that was created primarily for right-handed people. The day is so special that in some cities Parades and parades.

What are the curiosities of lefties

Throughout history, left-handed people have been discriminated against and even in some cultures considered cursed. almost 1 in 10 people in the world are left-handed, and more frequent men left from slim Left-handed athletes have an advantage over those who are right-handed, since all sports are frequented by athletes who are left-handed. 90% dexterous.

there phobia which is associated with left side And everyone who suffers from it is afraid of this aspect. These people usually avoid contact with objects on that side or left-handed people.

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Another curiosity is that first shop The one that opened specifically for the left, is called “anything left-handed”, It was in London and it’s still open. he have relationship with the animated series ‘The Simpsons’since the character Ned Flanders The so-called left-handed shop opens “The Leftorium”.

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