Concern among WhatsApp users due to the appearance of a mysterious icon

WhatsApp is responsible for constantly updating its application To ensure a better user experience for users. Jobs are added several times without prior notice, and this generates Uncertainty in people Who see the changes on their mobile phones and don’t know where they came from.

Within the Meta instant messaging app there are different icons that represent actions And in the last days Icon appeared Which aroused the curiosity of many. It’s about Two arrows next to messages Within the chat, which seems to be everywhere, this is because it has a function related to sending messages, although in reality it is only present in some elements.


This new icon allows you to avoid having to navigate through the context menu.


What is the double arrow that appeared on WhatsApp?

The circled arrow icon does not appear next to regular written messages. But besides Files, links and audio recordings That we send in an individual chat, or in a group.

This is a shortcut that allows you to forward some items more quickly. This way, if a sticker, photo, link, file or contact is sent, an icon with two arrows will appear, and by pressing it you can quickly resend that item to another chat.


Recording a video call on WhatsApp can be useful for several reasons, whether it is to preserve a special moment

Recording a video call on WhatsApp can be useful for several reasons, whether it is to preserve a special moment


It is designed to simplify the process of forwarding any type of received file to another contact. But we must bear in mind that the icon will appear both in the messages we send and in many of the messages we receive, as long as it has been downloaded to the cell phone, and therefore you cannot resend an image that has been received but not downloaded. .

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finally The submitted item may not have a double arrow button next to it but rather a magnifying glass, This is because this message was “Sent multiple times” As shown by the same and The magnifying glass allows you to search the text of the message on Google.

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