If you leave Streets of Rage 4 wanting more, this trailer introduces the first DLC with new fighters

There will also be a free update with additional content on all platforms.

Almost a year after the release of The Great Streets of Fury 4, Team Lizardcup Made on the first great video DLC incl You will receive this action beat’em up, which will also be accompanied by Free update With additional content for all platforms.

Three fighters join Streets of Rage 4: Estel Aguirre is the first to appearBaptized as Mr. Q NightmareIn addition, this additional content pack will include three new playable characters, with additional moves for familiar people, as well as a new challenging Survival mode. “Play as Officer Estel Aguirre, one of the three fighters in Mr. X Nightmares, who has given up on his duty to join the Streets of Rage 4 heroes for the first time,” reads the official description of DLC.

If this character seems familiar to you, then this is normal. Estel appeared in the video game as a tough contender in the fights against Ultimate Bosses. “Give powerful punches and spinning kicks to anyone foolish enough to cross their path.” As you can see in the trailer, this DLC also introduces new soundtrack themes by Tee Lopes, who have already put the music into games like Sonic Mania or League of Legends.

As for the survival mode, at the moment, not many details are known, but be warned that it will be challenging for players. Among other novelties, the possibility of customizing the movements of the fighters has been introduced, in addition to this now we will have more weapons at our disposal. Talking about the free update, then this would be a “tough challenge for gamers” because it adds the The difficulty of the new obsession +. Players will be able to use a new training system to hone their style, and color palette options will also be added free of charge to customize the aesthetics of Wood Oak City fighters. When will we be able to access this new content? Currently There is no specific date After 2021

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Accompanying this DLC premiere is good news for the Lizardcube team, which has so far sold 2.5 million games on all platforms. Remember, Streets of Rage 4 was also available on services like Xbox Game Pass, Allowing more players to enjoy the exciting hitting action.

If you haven’t tried this new version of a classic SEGA story, we recommend that you take a look at our site Streets of Rage Analysis 4.

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