NASA’s New Tool Lets You Hear Your Voice on Mars

NASA offers Internet users the opportunity to Simulate your voice on Marsthanks to a new online tool created from data collected by the Perseverance rover.

The space agency is calling everyone Interested in recording their audio message and listening to their Martian version on their websiteas well as access to a playlist with the recordings collected by Perseverance, and is equipped with two microphones, allowing the sounds of the Red Planet to be recorded live.

To use this tool, you need to go to the “Sounds of Mars” section, select the “You are on Mars” tab and hold down the button to record a sound. then it You must download the file to listen to the recording.

The results of sound Mars research, presented at the 53rd Conference on Lunar and Planetary Sciences, are part of a Study calculates the speed of sound on the planet. Scientists found that the speed of sound propagation on Mars was about 240 meters per second, less than the speed of sound on Earth, which is about 340 meters per second.

Mars has an unusual atmosphere, the temperature, density and chemical composition of which differ significantly from the Earth’s atmosphere. be Differences have three main effects, such as the speed of soundthe volume and sound quality, which It will change the appearance of sound in the atmosphere of Marsas posted RT.

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