A former All Blacks player helped save a whale in New Zealand, and the video sparked controversy

All the former blacks helped save a whale

Former player in All blacks He remained in the eye of the storm despite his kind gesture. It comes to b Ali WilliamsWorld champion with Rugby team from New Zealand in a 2011Who helped save a whale stuck on a beach in his country. His actions have been criticized by charities that protect these marine animals.

Williams, Who retired from professional activity in a shirt Race 92 from France In the 2016/2017 season, he was returning by helicopter from Bay of Islands When they saw the whale stranded Mangawhai headsIt is a beach north of Auckland, according to New Zealand Herald.

Accompanied by b Nick MowbrayFounder of the gaming company Zorro IncThey decide to help the cetaceans return to their natural habitat.

Ali Williams and a group of people help a whale on the beach in Mangaohai Heads, New Zealand (Photo: Reuters)

“We noticed what we thought was a shark or dolphin washed up by the waves on a beach north of Auckland … the closer we got, we saw that it was, in fact, a whale.”Mowbray partner Jaimee Lupton, in an interview with Reuters.

Once near the whale, Ali Williams, from 39 years old, He went down into the water with his companions to push the animal into the water. His intention was logical to save the whale, which is something some children and rescuers in the area have tried as well.

We managed to release the whale after about an hour. It was almost dark so we had to move fast and do it otherwise he might not have survived. It was so emotional and we all cheered on him once he swam in the sea“, He said Lupton.

Ali Williams was the world champion with the All Blacks in 2011 (Image: Shutterstock)
Ali Williams was the world champion with the All Blacks in 2011 (Image: Shutterstock)

But everything did not go well for the former lover All blacks And their companions, since the videos posted on social networks, where they are being watched It all pushes and pulls the whale In order for him to swim freely, they raised a discard called a charity The Jona Project.

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On its Facebook page, this entity criticized the technologies used. The video shows members of the audience Using a rope around the tail, pulling the whale back… to take it to deeper waters. This is extremely dangerous not only for lifeguards, but it can cause great harm to a whale. While we understand the desire to take the whale into deeper waters, It is important that it be done correctly and safely, They wrote from the organization.

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